Friday, March 6, 2015

Tea Time


It's been a minute or two.

I'm not going to even try to explain, because we all know this is just how I roll. I write for a minute and then I don't write for a minute. I can't help it. (I won't help it? I don't know...)

The holidays blew in with their rather dependable CRAZY and we all hung on for dear life. We are all alive. That's about all the report I can give.

Over Christmas break I did a lot of thinking about friendships, and people and community. Because this is what I do with free time-brood. Really, the in-my-head conversation started out with a complaint. I was complaining to myself about the lack of free time I had. Because of stepping back into teaching this year, my extra minutes went from approximately two to approximately zero. One thing I was really missing was conversation with some of my neighbor ladies.

Last year, as you might remember, we walked to school many days of the school year. This was such a gift for so many reasons, but one of the best things about it was getting to catch up with my neighbors. When school let out for the summer, our catching up happened around the pool. But when school was back in session, my schedule no longer afforded me the opportunity to walk. And I started missing my people.

Enter what we call "the rub".

As you probably know about me already, I'm sort of poor when it comes to relational initiation. I attribute this to my (severe) introversion, social awkwardness, and my love of naps. Over the break, though, I kind of felt this prompting. Like, a "make something happen" kind of a prompting. I run away from these promptings on a regular basis. Why? Well, I have been known to bite off more than I can chew. A lot. But this one kept niggling at my brain. Create space for these friendships.

In response, I handed out what is probably the lamest invitation in the history of invitations. My southern ancestors would be appalled. I basically said, to my friends, "Listen. I want to invite you to my house after school once a week for tea. Here are the rules: you may not judge my house [we all know what a superb housekeeper I am], I will always have hot water and tea bags of some sort. The end."

Tempting, I know.

But you know what? They came. And nearly every week since then, we gather around my little kitchen island while the kids run amok and we talk. You can never be quite sure what the topic might be. And I mean that. You.never.know!! This time and this space has become sacred. Not because we talk about "sacred" things. Rather, because we've created space for each other. Being a mom is just so dang hard. Talking about it, and LAUGHING, and eating snacks and trying new tea makes it feel less hard even if it's just for a minute or two.

I feel prompted to write this and share it (danged promptings) because one of you might need a little nudge to make some sort of space for your people. I just wanted to say, it doesn't have to be fancy or beautiful or even really a thing. It can look however you need it to look. You have my blessing (and prompting) to invite your people over, even if your house is a wreck and your yoga pants are dirty. We need each other y'all.

I'm thankful for all my people.

I hope you'll make more space for yours!


Scott Dannemiller said...

I love this! And I'm not even a LADY!

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