Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shear Genius

R.I.P. ~ Drew's Mullet

Today was a monumental day! Drew got his first real haircut!!! This was not technically his first haircut. Several months ago, Drew had two lovely little "snakes" of hair trailing down his neck that Daniel cut off. But, this was the real deal. We took him to a "kids only" salon, and it was really neat. (Daniel said it was the ultimate in "yuppy". So true, but it sure makes it more fun for the kids!!) Yesterday, I started talking to Drew about getting his haircut, because I knew if we just took him in cold, he would freak out. So, we started talking about it and then we set up our own barbershop and gave Elmo a trim and style! I explained everything that would happen. I was sure to make a big deal out of his getting to wear a cape-just like "Super Map" off of his favorite Dora episode.

Elmo and his "cape"

Drew combing Elmo's hair

When we got to the salon today, we had a little while to wait, which turned out to be a good thing. I let him watch another little boy getting his haircut and he noticed right away the suckers they were handing out to kids who were finished! When our turn came he loved getting his cape on, but then became laser-focused on the lady's scissors!! He cried just a tiny bit, but then was SO brave.

I am so, so proud of him!!! And his hair looks so stinkin' cute! He looks much more like a little boy. (Sorry about the cheesy pic-he now thinks he should close his eyes when he says, "Cheese!")

As we were getting ready to redeem our prize (they give you this little plastic card and at the end you get to slip it into this big machine and it spits out a prize!), another little boy was having a total meltdown. He had a wild headfull of curly hair. I think his parents probably wait a long while between cuts!! I don't blame them. I'm just glad we were done before that kid got all cranked up. Drew was definitely worried about him.

It was a big day, capped off with a blue raspberry dum-dum and a cherry icee!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


In my neighborhood it is not an unusual thing to see many, many people pushing strollers at any time of the day. However, there are people in my neighborhood who have a dog stroller. A DOG STROLLER! Wha-??? I have stared at this man pushing his pink dog stroller (yes, I said MAN pushing a PINK dog stroller) and I just cannot get a grip on why you would ever push your dogs in a stroller. At first I thought, well, maybe the dog has an injury and can't go on a walk to, you know, take care of business. But this has been going on for months. And, couldn't you just set the dog down in the back yard and let it go?? To beat it all, these dogs are little tiny, Paris Hilton-esque, yorkies. Who is this guy?

Now, I know there are some serious dog lovers out there. I happen to only be a dog tolerator. If anyone can shed some light on this, please, feel free.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It might be news to you that I am kind of afraid of balloons. Some people have issue with the squeaky sound balloons make when you rub them. My main issue is the popping. I HATE to hear a balloon pop. It all goes back to that dang sit on the balloon game. i once staged a major protest over that fourth grade.

So, today it was raining, and I had no activity plan other than the playground. And don't think I wasn't tempted to take them in the rain and call it water play! Instead, we painted with water and played balloon games. "Balloon games" to toddlers basically means knocking them around, pretending to blow them up, and pinching them. I was a complete nervous wreck all day long. At the same time I was trying really hard not to pass my irrational balloon fear on to the kids. I would catch myself screeching "Stop!" at them when they did anything to the balloon that might make it pop. I was nervously laughing AT MYSELF. Geez. I might need professional help for this one.

I would like to give a shout out to my neighborhood State Farm agent who dropped off a goody bag in my mailbox a few weeks ago. So far I have used the lollipops for a major bribe and used the balloons for some rainy day fun. Anyone who wants to drop off sweets and toys at my house is always welcome!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Programming...

So I'm training for a 5K right now. Finished laughing yet?? I know, I know, it seems very unlike me to do something so, oh I don't! But it's true. The mom's club I belong to has put together a team for the Nashville Race for the Cure. I had my first "long" run today and it went great.

But that's not really the point of my post. In my running today I noticed three things. First, I saw an AMAZING sunrise! Since I've been getting up early to run, I have seen some of the most beautiful sunrises, right outside my door. Second, there was a lot of traffic for 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Last, there was SO MUCH litter on the side of the road. All I could think was, "Do people still litter???" I mean, come on, littering is like so, 1985. We have much bigger things to worry about like fossil fuels and carbon footprints, and people are still littering?? I was appalled. There were lots of beer cans so maybe it's drunken littering, which while not excusing it, at least makes me feel like people weren't in their right minds when they littered. But there were also styrofoam containers, fast food bags...all sorts of gross things. Shocking. Simply shocking. Somewhere the Indian is crying.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Sky Bear"

Drew and I had a little Mommy-Son date this morning. Our main library is so fantastic. They have so many programs, especially for kids, and they are great. Today we went to see a marionette show based on the Native American legend of how the Milky Way was formed. It was amazing, and Drew did so great, even though there were a couple of parts that I thought might scare him. He doesn't quite have the concept of "inside voice" just yet, so anytime he got nervous and was saying "Mama, mama, mama", it was quite booming! He loved the bear marionette, and especially love the fact that he had "stars" on his back.

My hat is off to "the Professor" and "Miss Mary-Mary". They work really hard to have really quality programs for the kids in Nashville. I've often wondered how I could get that job. In case you didn't know, I have a secret fantasy of being a story lady!!

Green Man Envy

Kids are so weird sometimes. My kid, especially. And I mean that in the nicest of ways! Ha! Several months ago this "Slow down" structure appeared across the street from our house. It's one of those about the size of a kid, and is neon green. We were never sure who put it in the road-they were obviously really upset by the approximately 3 cars that drive into our cul-de-sac in a day. Apparently they were driving WAY too fast. Daniel and I laughed about the odd placement of the little plastic guy. But Drew, he LOVES the green man! Anytime we would go outside, in those early green man days, Drew would want to go across the street and see him. It turned into a little field trip for he and Daddy.

Two days ago another neighbor came by to say that she had rescued another green man from the trash and wondered if we could use it. And, while we don't really need it for its' intended purpose, I couldn't wait to tell Drew he was getting his very own green man! It was great bribery to get through dinner, and then we walked together up the sidewalk to rescue our green man. I so wish you could have seen the look on his face!!! He was ecstatic! We carried him out to the deck and Drew drug him all around. He even shared some of his popsicle with him! The next day we had him up front, in the garage. When it was time to hop in the car and run some errands, Drew gave green man about six hugs before he would get in the car. It's amazing what thrills the soul of a 20 month old little boy.

I was happy about the acquisition of our own green man because I thought we would be done with the green man across the street. But, oh no! One green man is not enough. Drew is on a mission to gather all the world's green men to himself. Yesterday we were playing outside, and Drew darted across the street three times! I was working really hard to get the point across that he should NEVER run into the street, or go into the street, and he just didn't care. The lure of the green man was too much! Finally, after some good old fashioned "encouragement" I sent him inside and I picked up the toys. When I came inside, he had put himself in time out!!! Maybe I am getting through after all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

Yeah, I did it. I took two toddlers with cold to a mommy and me dance class. I am "that" mom. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity since it was free, just in case it turned out to be the best thing ever. wasn't!

I started talking to the kids about it yesterday, trying to get them ready for it. And all morning Lyla kept saying "Dance, dance" and I was smiling to myself because I am such a great aunt to take her dancing. And then we actually went to dance class. The first order of business was to sit in a circle on one of the stars the teacher laid out on the floor. The stars were much more fun to pick up and walk around with though, and we were waiting on some stragglers, so not much sitting was occurring. I need to interject here that Drew and Lyla fit right in with about 3/4 of the class as far as "doing their own thing". There were, like always, those miraculously well behaved kids who should be in some sort of children's show because they follow the teacher's moves precisely, but most of the other kids were nuts, too.

Next up, the teacher turned on some music to "warm-up". This included wiggling your toes, touching your nose, clapping, etc. Drew sat stock still through most of it, then finally gave in and wiggled his toes a tiny bit. Lyla did not like the music at all and was yelling, "Off, off!' through most of the song. Usually she thinks it's really funny when I hold her arms and make them do the motions to songs. Not so much today.

The one bright spot in the class was the balance beam. They put out some mats and had a really low to the ground balance beam that the kids could walk across and then jump into a hula hoop. Both kids LOVED this, but, alas, they only got to do it once. We ended class with a dance/freeze game, which basically serves to have all the moms look like total idiots dancing around while their toddlers stare at them in pity. Drew and Lyla did not really dig this game either. At the end, the teacher handed out stickers. I think they would both go back just to get another one!

On a side note, I have a new pet peeve. I'm just saying, if you're going to teach a toddler class of anything (story time, dance, etc.) go ahead and be prepared for toddlers to act like toddlers. Things you should probably NOT expect include: waiting quietly during excessively long transitions, standing in any sort of line, making a circle, pointing their toes out like "penguin feet", not pressing their faces up against the wall length mirror, etc., etc., etc. You may want to be willing to flex- just a little-when your collective audience is all still in diapers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Summer Cold...blech

I really shouldn't even complain. It has been months since we've dealt with any sickness (well, other than Drew's last weird fever episode.) But, I should've seen it coming when Drew started sneezing a few days ago. We all have colds (and by all I mean, Drew, Lyla and myself.) I don't why I am so offended by a cold in the summertime. It just seems so wrong. In the winter, when you get a cold, you can snuggle in the bed with a heating pad, some Vicks and a bowl of soup (or cup of hot chocolate...I'll let you guess what I would choose.) But, who, in the middle of August finds any of those things appealing? A summer cold is only compounded by the stifling humidity outside. Breathing is pretty much out, so you'd better think of some other way of getting oxygen to your blood. Nobody wants to pile on the couch and snuggle when you all break a sweat.

I'm especially sad about this cold as it has come at a really bad time (because colds usually show up at really convenient times...) I was planning to take the kids to a mommy and me music/dance class tomorrow. FOR FREE. One of the many benefits of my joining the local mom's club. I am just sure Lyla will love this class (and quite sure Drew will hate all but the last five minutes when he finally relaxes enough to enjoy it and then cries because he doesn't want to leave.) I'm trying to decide if I wipe their noses really, really good right before we go in, if we can fake it for 45 minutes, thusly infecting all the other unsuspecting moms and toddlers with a heinous summer cold. I'm awesome.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Welcome to Nashvegas

We have new neighbors!! Well, sort of. They are cross-town neighbors, but it is sure closer than Flagstaff, Arizona! Uncle Mick and Ms. Lindsay (is it -ay or -ey??? I have such a mental block on this!!) are now citizens of Nashville. Woo-hoo!! We went over to their new house for dinner last night. Their new house is so stinkin' pretty. I am especially a big fan of the kitchen, particularly the faucet. =) We got to meet Lindsey's parents and eat some yummy, yummy food, and best of all Drew didn't do any permanent damage to anything (although he did give it his best shot. Most notably, the banana he slipped to Kramer!) I am so excited to have some more family close by and most selfishly, I am excited that they will be baby sitting for us on Sunday nights, which means, no more "blind dates" to find a new sitter. Hooray!

Drew had such a fun time playing with Mick and Lindsay (do you notice how I'm alternating the spelling?? I've got to commit the correct spelling to memory really soon!) that at one point I went in the room to check on him and he told me to move and he shut the door on me! Particularly thrilling to him was the fact that both of them use Burt's Bees chapstick, which for some odd reason, he loves!

We had a great, full, fun, exciting weekend. Drew didn't get to bed until 10 p.m. last night!! Which is probably why he is still asleep 3 hours after I put him down!

The Sweet and the Bitter

In case we haven't told you lately, and you are a part of our family that lives in another city...WE MISS YOU!! This weekend Kristin, Travis, and Weston came down for a visit. Since Travis had some work to do in Nashville on Friday, they were able to stay Thursday-Saturday. It was the best! We had so much fun taking the kids to see Uncle Sam's new place at MTSU, going to the Discovery center, having a cook-out and playing at Opry Mills. Of course, not every moment is picturesque. Like how we totally hijacked Uncle Jon's day, causing him to drive all over Nashville. Or how Drew had to be carried by Dad throughout the expanse of Opry MIlls. Or how the driver of the little train was (we're pretty sure) drunk or high. Or how the cost of the train has gone up from $2 to $5-a person!! I'm really learning to embrace ALL of these moments and love them all equally. It's hard because the great moments are so much easier to love-like when Lyla and Weston tipped over the basketball goal, were sitting on it with Weston behind Lyla and his arms around her. So sweet. Or watching all the kids play in my front yard. Or sitting on the couch rubbing my sister's back-like old times (minus the timer! Ha!) Every single thing (the good, the bad, the hilarious) from the weekend went in to my memory bank. I was so sad when they left, but already started looking forward to the next time we would make more memories. I feel that way about you all. The bitter of your distance is always lurking around, but the sweet of all our times together folds in on me and makes me so excited to see you again!

A Friend is always oiled...

...or something like that! You may know that Daniel and I have been working in a 4 year old Sunday School class for the last year. We have been "buddies" to our little pal, Caleb, a 4 year old with autism. We had a great year with Caleb, and he is doing so well now that he really doesn't need one-on-one help in the classroom. His mother asked if we might be willing to just be the classroom teachers in his room, and I was excited about the possibility. Today was my first day with the new class and it was hilarious. It has been a long while since I have been the teacher in a classroom. I was a tad rusty, but managed to keep the chaos to a minimum. Our bible story today was about David and Jonathan and how Jonathan shared with David. Our bible verse went something like this, "A friend is always loyal." Except that Luke (who has quite a booming voice) kept saying, "A friend is always oiled!" Phew, it was funny!! And, of course, I started thinking about exactly what that would mean. I started thinking about body builders being all greased up and it made me laugh even harder. I sure hope he went home and told his parents our verse for the day.

Also during story time, one little girl let everyone know that she had on "Tinkerbell panties". And, yes, she used the "p" word!! (Panties, that is!) This led to an onslaught of skirt pulling up and shorts pulling down along with a discussion of the various characters on the underwear. What a nightmare! My first day teaching and some kid goes home and tells their parents that so and so had on Scooby Doo underwear! And, as a grand finale, during a group bathroom break (which was a horrible idea considering we had no male teachers today-Daniel was at home with Drew-and I sent 7 four year old boys in the bathroom alone...) the kids were standing up against a window and two of them got bitten by some random biting fly!! Are you kidding me? I saw the bug and it was clearly not a bee. What kind of flies bite? Horseflies? Why is there a horsefly in the church? Why did it have to bite the MOST dramatic kid in the history of the world?

It was super fun to find my coordinator to let her know that all the kids had shown their "panties" and two kids were bitten by a mysterious fly. I'm sure she is definitely questioning her choice to let me teach!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Toddler Road Rage

Yesterday the kids were playing in the car (one of their favorite activities of all time). They have both started imitating what we adults do upon entering the car. Drew sits in the driver's seat and grabs the remote and points it to the back seat (as he has seen me do many, many times!) and then adjusts the volume on the steering wheel. It's pretty funny to watch.

So, back to yesterday. Lyla was in the driver's seat, steering, and all of a sudden she let out a big "Oh, Shoot!". Hee hee. At first I thought she dropped something or hurt something. Nope. She was in her own little world, "driving" and had apparently encountered some of the same drivers her mother and I have encountered. =) It is pretty much a toss up as to who she picked up this little habit from. Katy and I are both admitted road ragers. We were just glad her word of choice was "shoot". I mean, not that she's heard any other "negative" words while I'm driving...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

I'm unsure as to the origin of this saying (although I did half-heartedly look around for it...) but I'm pretty sure it was not a mom of toddlers who coined the phrase. This saying is used, basically, as another way of saying, "It's no big deal..." OBVIOUSLY the person who started saying this has never cleaned up dried milk from the floor/car/carpet/toys. It most definitely is a big deal. If I had to name the most disgusting substance in my current life it would be milk. This might seem odd since I deal in poop diapers all day. But, honestly, at least the poop is contained. The milk, on the other hand is EVERYWHERE. I realize this post is basically admitting I do not always get to the milk before it dries. There. Now you know. There is random dried, sticky milk all over my house. And my car.

I really thought I was starting to get a handle on what I refer to as "The Milk Situation." As the kids graduated to actual sippy cups, rather than the straw variety, things started to improve. There were two problems with the straw cups. First, they leaked horribly despite their claims to be "leak free". (This is, by the way, one of the many myths associated with baby/toddler gear. NO cup is "leak-free") Second, my sister Katy thought it would be hilarious to teach Drew that by flicking his straw he could send milk flying everywhere! Somehow, though, I am still stalked by milk. Both kids have figured out if they push the tip of their cup down on the table, milk will come flooding out. Apparently it's really fun to finger paint in spilled milk. Which is especially annoying in Drew's case since he almost refuses to paint with actual finger paint. Lyla also decided to make a little milk soup at lunchtime the other day. Doesn't milk, turkey, cheese and green beans all swirled around together sound delish?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cotton Candy

Just in case I haven't pumped enough sugar into Drew this summer, we gave him his first taste (a big one!) of cotton candy today!! The church that my CASA kids attend was having a summer carnival and invited us to come. Since their case is now closed (did I tell you their adoption is final???!!!) Daniel was able to meet them for the first time. It was really fun, although the weather was brutally hot. Drew was REALLY overwhelmed at first, but in true Drew fashion ended up sitting in a chair at the table with 3 teenagers!! Ha! By this time he had pink cotton candy all around his mouth, his eyes, up his nose and in his hair!

Doing things with kids makes them so much fun!