Friday, July 30, 2010

I Think a Change, Will Do You Good do you like the new digs?? I'm still trying to decide. Ya'll, you were thisclose to losing me last night. I was getting ready to shut 'er down. I was going to abandon my mommy blabber for a full-on fanatical Criminal Minds fan blog. (Have you see this show??? I'm SUPER addicted. Thanks Katy.) But, lucky for you, I persevered through technological purgatory and came out on the other side. I just wanted to play around with the the blogger templates, but APPARENTLY, there is no going back. I spent an embarrassingly long time getting to this. Imagine if I had any bigger aspirations!

And yes, I took down the sidebar o' goals. It was just too much going on over there. I haven't forgotten about them, but some of them have been replaced by other more important things. So. Now you'll never's going to haunt you, isn't it??

*On a completely unrelated note I have to tell you the things my son had to eat before 10:30 a.m. this morning. 1. 2 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios 2. Two hot dogs with ketchup (no idea!) 3. A mini bag of Doritos (look, we were at Wal-Mart and he needed a distraction. Don't judge.) 4. A mug of hot chocolate. Can you say gross me out??? Then we came home for lunch and he declared he wanted a salad. He ate around three bites and said he was full. Ya think? Fifteen minutes later he asked for a strawberry milkshake (Carnation Instant Breakfast) and proceeded to down the whole thing. He said, "I'm not really in the mood for anything with vegetables." Just one more reason to nominate me as Mother of the Year.

*I managed to break the garage door again. I know all of you are jealous that you don't live with me. My poor Big Dan. After a hard days work, probably one in which someone yelled or cussed at him, all he wanted to do was come home, open the garage door, change into his basketball shorts and relax. Nope. Not married to this old gal. Yesterday afternoon I got a big energy burst and decided to make the most of it and do some jobs. I quickly unloaded my recycling containers out of the back of my car. Apparently, I forgot to close the hatch on the back of my car, and when Big Dan came home and tried to open the door, it broke. Sigh. I thought I was kicking tail and taking names yesterday afternoon. I had to call Chad the garage door repairman. We're getting close, Chad and I. I plan to beg (on my knees if I have to) for him to find a way to fix it without replacing the door. Beg, I say!

Here's hoping I don't cost us any extra money for the rest of today!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We are way past the midpoint of the year, but I thought I'd better check in on my resolutions and see how I'm coming along. This is purely for my own personal edification/chastisement. Feel free to skip the reading today!


1. Lose weight-I have made some progress in this area finally. I am 15 lbs. from my goal weight. I hope to have it off by Emily's birthday. Grade=B-

2. Work on my style-Well, this totally depends on the day. Like yesterday I woke up in the mood to just wear my yoga pants all day long. So I did. Well, until I got too HOT and had to change into shorts. And today, after our morning outing I promptly changed out of my cute madras skirt into black palazzo pants circa: pregnancy with Drew. But, overall, I think I've made some major strides in this area. I hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon Lindsay Ferrier's style blog She's Still Got It. Unlike most style websites, it's by a mom on a budget for a mom on a budget. I've gotten some great tips from her. And have her to blame for a considerable upswing in my spending...

As far as the lipstick goes...not so good. I have remembered more often than, say, last year, but still, poor showing. I did wear some Burt's Bees yesterday.



I have been reading A LOT this year. Currently I am about 35% of the way through Big Dan's favorite book "The Killer Angels" about the Civil War. I was making good progress until some of the books I had on hold at the library came in. I have to read those up right quick, because other people are waiting on them. I am currently reading FIVE books. I'm not sure what's going on, but I feel like i have to read every book I can think of RIGHT NOW. Like some classes in college, this category is a total gimme. Grade=A+


I think I am most proud of my consistency in this category. I have actually maintained the plan to read the Bible through by the end of the year!! I know this is not that big of a deal to some people, but it's a HUGE deal to me. There have been times when I have had to do some catching up, but I've never been so far behind that I couldn't. And, I'm LOVING it . I love the chronology of it all. I'm learning TONS.

Currently I'm on a Lisa Whelchel binge. Yes, that Lisa Whelchel. Blair from "Facts of Life"!! Bizarre or what? But, it turns out that she has written several books targeted to young, Christian moms and I am really loving how practical she is. She gets what it's like to be slightly nuts at all times and still want to grow in your faith. It's the first time that reading a mom book like this has made me feel like it's ok to just do the little I can. I think this is a message God is trying to get across to me. In fact, in my Bible reading last week I came across this verse:

"He tends his flock like a shepherd; he gathers his lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; he gently leads those who have young." Isaiah 40:11.

Did you catch that last part??? "He gently leads those who have young." You may think I am a kook, but those words were life to me. It is like he is saying, "I get it. I know your season. I'm still leading, but I understand we need to go slower."

As far as the "stirring" that I was feeling several months ago, well, I guess we all know what that was about! Three days a week of serving three year olds, coming right up!

Grade=Ummm...I feel kind of weird grading this section!

House and Home:

1. Cook one new dish for dinner each week: FAIL. Although, I will say over the last month, I've done some better in the cooking category. A lot of days, though, Big Dan gets home later and isn't really hungry for dinner. And because I've been trying to shed some lbs., I've been eating very plain items. So. Maybe some other season. I did learn to cook a MEAN steak this year. I think that might count for everything.

2. Ha! I haven't even been motivated to pull out any magazine recipes lately. Ha! So...A+++ on this one! I am cooking a new recipe from Southern Living sometime this week. Baby steps.

I've picked up some good habits around the house that make up for my lack of cooking. (See, the beauty of grading yourself if you can give random extra credit at any time!) I have started folding my clothes straight out of the dryer (thanks to the tip from Kristin) and this has REALLY cut down on my ironing. Although, right now I have three items laying on the ironing board needing to be ironed and every day I just look at them. Also, I do housework for 30 minutes after the kids go down for nap and for 30 minutes after they go to bed (if I need to). It's amazing what gets done in just that one hour's worth of time. I've also been a purging maniac and have gotten rid of a ton of stuff. Add to that, that Big Dan is keeping the family room under control and Drew is getting some lessons in cleaning up after himself, we've added a *little* more sanity to the home front.

Grade: C+

I'm not sure what all of those average out to, but can I just say that I've never been very good at keeping resolutions and I feel pretty proud that these items are still on the forefront of my mind? Which is saying something considering what a mental case I am. I'm just happy I didn't forget about them all together!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday-Witching Hour Play Date

Can you believe it?? I'm doing a "Works for Me Wednesday" post. It's been ages. I guess I just haven't felt all that tip-tacular of late. There are more super tips over at We Are That Family. Go. See. I'll wait...

My tip today is not something I thought up. It just kind of...happened. And boy, am I glad it did! Have you ever heard that the late afternoon/evening hours are called "The Witching Hours"? I think this is because mothers turn into witches at this time of day. Or is it because the kids do? Probably both. It is definitely not the most fun I've ever had. I've heard some people call this time of day the "Aresenic Hours" As in, slip me some so I can make a quick exit. Whew. Now that is a bad day.

Play dates (can someone please tell me when we started calling hanging out with other moms "play dates"? Don't get me wrong-I've embraced the term. I'm just pretty sure I never called a rowdy game of hide and seek in the back yard a "play date") usually take place in the morning. I am assuming this is because children are usually at their best this time of day. And nobody wants the obnoxious kid at the play date. Not that I would know anything about that...

But, my neighbor, Lana and I have stumbled upon what might be the largest miracle of motherhood anyone has ever discovered. I'm not exactly sure how it started, but I think it happened around the time that Emily was tiny and screamed her little lungs out everyday starting at around 5:00 p.m. Lana graciously said one time, "Just come over and I'll hold Emily". Lana is a real live baby whisperer. So, we would go. I would hand over Princess Screams A lot, Drew and her son would play, and I would sit, slightly comatose on the couch. As time passed and Emily got better, we figured out these times were perfect for us. Both of our husbands, bless them, work their heads off, and are often home late. It's not their faults, but it does leave us alone for these horrid hours. Alone, until we started hanging out together!

Now our withching hour play dates usually involve one of us cooking dinner (which means the other is off the hook!) and lots of mommy time while the boys play. Sometimes with each other, sometimes not. We don't really care to be honest. And it always seems to work out that if one of us is in need of some coma time, the other is up for entertaining. Beautiful magic is what it is.

Moms need other moms. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to talk to while you do the dishes or clean up the family room for the 105th time that day. Sometimes your kid acts better when another mom is around! Sometimes you have a few things to get off your chest, dang it.

Be warned. This is not a play date to plan with your judgmental friends. Ha! Kids are devils this time of the day. Find another friend who will look at them and roll their eyes and stroll back to the kitchen to hang out with you. Two is better than one.

Drew with his partner in crime:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I Like About Summer

I am making this list because I am (still) working on my attitude. Because, ya'll? This heat?? Over. it. I swear I was excited today that it might not break into the nineties because I knew that I might not sweat my hind end off (if only...) inside my house tonight. Only a tiny bit of sweat tonight. And I could actually put Emily in regular pajamas. And I can't stop thinking about all the things I don't like about summer-super stinky trash (outside), dog hair all over my house and baby, flies, mosquitoes. SWEAT.

Ok. Enough with the whining. Onto the list.

Things I like about summer:

1. It is socially acceptable for my baby to be barefoot almost all the time. Which is so nice, because it is beyond annoying to put her shoes back on her feet 14 times in one outing.

2. I don't have to really work at drinking enough water.

3. If I take my kids swimming it means we can skip bath time.

4. Fresh produce. I know I mock myself for my love of junk food. Because, I mean, it is a problem. BUT, I also love vegetables. Pretty much all of them except for the few I've always been afraid to try. And when I can buy them super fresh at the farm stand down the road? Even better. Even if they do give my son a red sucker, which sort of defeats the purpose...

5. I love that it stays light later. I don't feel like my day is over by 5:30 p.m.

6. I like watching my son eat a popsicle outside with the juice dripping all down his arms.

7. I like watching my son wash his arms off in the Elmo sprinkler.

8. I love both of my kids' hair when it is all sweaty.

9. I love that I don't have to argue with Drew to wear a coat/hat/gloves

10. The days are ours to do with what we want. Not for long. And I'm trying so hard not to wish the summer away. Just please, for the love, temperature, take a tiny 10 degree downslide. Please? For me?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Watch Out For Us

Boy. Yesterday I was in a mood. I have no idea where it came from, but my patience and ability to deal was around zero. And it was the Lord's Day. I felt certain that after church (which equals Big Dan and I getting a few minutes to be together alone) I would be feeling better. But noooooooooo. And then my super mood spread like a thick ooze over the rest of the household. This is not the image of "mother" I'm really striving for...

Today, I decided I was going to better. In case you were wondering I spend quite a bit of time giving myself little pep talks. Mostly internal, although I have a very bad habit of talking to myself out loud in the grocery store. I'm pretty sure I have a reputation at my local Kroger.


I wanted to sit down with Drew first thing this morning and have a little prayer time to get things going on the right foot for both of us. (I do not tell you this to sound like a pious mother. Please. I just admitted that I was a total bi-otch yesterday) When I told him my idea, he was excited. We sat down to pray and he said, "I have a blessing to say mom." Before I tell you what he said (and believe me, it's worth the wait) I need to give a little background. Drew has been having a hard time with thinking potty words are funny. We are working hard to teach him that the standards we have are God's standards not just arbitrary standards. So, I've been using a bible verse to remind him that saying "BOOTY" and dying laughing is not a good idea. I taught him Eph. 4:29 "Do not let any unwholesome words come out of your mouth..."

So. Today, during our morning prayers he says, "Dear Dod, Sometimes we say unwholesome words, and I think it's because maybe we didn't get enough sleep. And when me and Mommy don't get good sleep we are grouches and have unwholesome words. Please watch out for us."

I'd say watch out!!! Good word, son, good word.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Give away alert!

I have mentioned before my very talented and sweet friend Laura who is the mastermind behind Pitter Patter Art. She is giving away one of her amazing art pieces and YOU could be the winner!! Go to her blog and read about the piece. It will make you want it even more. While you're there browse around-she has a special gift for any occasion!

Friday, July 23, 2010


This boy-

-makes my heart squeeze and tears well up in my eyes. And not because his behavior is bad! (Today!) I've been emotional lately about my Drew. I'm not sure what it's all about, but it probably has something to do with putting together his photo book from his 2 year old year. I'm a tad behind. Whatever.

At three and a half Drew is so totally different than when he was just 3. It is unbelievable how much he has changed. And when I think about him a year ago...

Here are some of my favorite things about Drew:

*He is, seriously, a fantastic big brother. I know I keep saying this on the blog, but I think I'm just a little taken aback at just how much he loves Emily. He has not resented her for one second, and although I know there are times that having a baby around makes things hard, he never says anything negative about her. Sometimes he even asks if he can play with her in the playroom. He love, loves to make her laugh and knows how to help when she is crying. And he's already protective of her. I'm praying every day that they will always love each other deeply.

*He is OBSESSED with super heroes. It all started with some hand-me-down pajamas that came with capes. He had to know EVERYTHING about the super heroes. He has decided that Super Man is his ultimate favorite, and I must say I'm thrilled with his choice. Daniel bought him a multi-pack with all four original Super Man movies. You know, with Christopher Reeve? He LOVES them. And, it made me remember how much I love Christopher Reeve. (And then we saw him on Sesame Street post accident and I had to answer the question "Mommy, what happened to Super Man?" Sad. We didn't get to the rest of the story...) He has traded in singing "Bushel and a Peck" at bedtime to insisting I sing the theme music to Super Man. I do quite a mean movie score.

*He loves to talk like a grown-up. If Daniel and I are talking, discussing the day, he will make up stories about his own day. Saying things like "This guy at my work..." Seriously. Hilarious.

*He definitely has the gift of encouragement. He really does look for something nice to say about everyone. He is great to compliment me, Daniel or Emily. He says sweet things about Aunt Katy and Lyla and remembers things about his friends and thinks of them when he sees something he knows they would like.

*He is working so hard to not be shy when he's in public. It is still his first instinct to hide his face, but he is doing much better about speaking to those who speak to him. Some days, he smiles and waves at everyone he passes. Last weekend he was with Granna at Target and marched right up to the sales person and asked if they had Super Man boots "in just his size".

*He is learning to be so independent. We are working on some skills this summer to get us ready for the school year. He is also such a great helper. We make his bed together and he is in charge of giving the dog some water (and putting the bowl up when Emily is crawling around!)

*He tells me he loves me around 100 times a day. At home, in the car, at the store. In the middle of doing all sorts of fun boy activities, he will stop to say "I love you." Oh. My heart.

Drew is so earnest. Most days he works really hard to make good choices. There are those times, of course, when, like all of us, he just can't help but be a stinker. But his heart is soft and he is so teachable.

I love him more and more every single minute.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot and Bothered

Did you notice that little sign in the upper left hand corner of my blog?? Yes, I use a free site to put up a background on my blog. Have you ever asked how much it costs to get one made? A lot. Especially for a blog that 8 people read. No offense. You know I love my 8, but unless someone is paying me to do this, I ain't paying for a background. And now mine is going to disappear?? Boo.

I logged in today to write a post about Drew in all of his 3 1/2 year old glory. And then I got annoyed. And then I decided it was too hot to be emotional, writing about my son. I'm not sure if you're aware, but it is like the heat of 10,000 suns is beating down on Nashville. From what I hear, it's like that just about everywhere now. Sadly, it turns out that when it is in the mid 90's-100's and humid, our poor a/c units just can't keep up. Yes, I said units, plural. We have two-one upstairs and one downstairs-and they still can't keep up. We had the a/c people come out early in the summer when it was unbearably hot because we thought something was wrong. Nope. Both units are in great shape. It's just TOO FREAKING HOT. So, around nap time each day, the temperature in our house starts creeping up and by dinner time, it's sweltering. Sounds fun, huh?? All I can think about everyday is how thankful I am that I am not pregnant. If you think I'm whiny now...

I'm working really hard to keep the irritability under control. It's hard for a girl when chocolate and cinnamon/brown sugar pop-tarts are not on the menu.

So, instead of writing a sweet post about my fantastic son, I'll be waiting 4.5 days for the Cutest Blog on the Block site to download so I can try to figure out what the heck is going on. Promise you won't stop reading if I go back to blogspot basic, K??

Edited to add:
Ok. I followed some vague instructions over on TCBOTB and it should get things cleared up soon. I realize none of you are remotely concerned about the background on my blog, but I keep feeling a strong compulsion to tell you about it...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have no creative title for this post, and it should be a foreshadowing for the content to follow. Not exciting. Just a little life and times update, and *perhaps* a way for me to clear a little brain space. Oh, and, I've been waiting for Emily to fall asleep for 30 minutes so I could do a little quiet time. Nothing like a shrill baby to drive away the Holy Spirit. I kid, I kid.

Last weekend I was able to get away for THREE WHOLE DAYS with some great friends. A few years ago we all got together to "celebrate" the fact that we were all turning a certain age that comes after 29. Well, except for one of us who is way younger. It is definitely paying off these days! After the first get together we decided to make it an annual thing.

I was probably the most slothful I have been in approximately 18 months. I have not slept or laid around as much since Big Dan and I went on vacation back in January '09. Eighteen months of perpetual motion catches up with a person. Especially ones like me who need approximately 12 hours of sleep a night just to keep the grouchies at bay. I'm a blast to live with these days.

Anyway, we hung out at the lake, read magazines, discussed which celebrities we hate-including a very fun hypothetical game called "who would be more miserable to hang out with", answered hypothetical questions, played games, and ate lots of yummy food. We had so much fresh produce I almost called Big Dan to let him know I would be moving next door to Bill Love just so I could steal veggies from his garden. We also laughed our ever-lovin' heads off over stuff that, even if I was willing to tell you, you would have no idea why it was funny. All I'm saying is that somewhere out there exists some very corny video footage. It was just what the doctor ordered.

By all accounts my children epitomized perfection while I was gone. I would be skeptical if this report came only from their grandmother, but my husband concurred, and ya'll, he's got some high standards. I was so happy. And I was certain that all of my "dealing with a 3 year old" fatigue would melt away and Drew and I would spin around singing "Happy Together" as soon as I was home. Right. Turns out he had just been saving up all of his DEVIL IMPERSONATIONS until I got home. Can someone please tell me-WHAT IS THAT????? Truly, I've tried not to be insecure about it. Heaven knows us moms don't need any extra reasons to doubt our abilities. But, it is a *little* disheartening to know he can behave like a champ, but around me just chooses not to. I'm giving serious thought to opening a little boot camp right here in my home.

In other news, by tomorrow I will have completed what I have termed "preliminary" tasks for starting school. This included copious amounts of paperwork, meetings to get an intro to curriculum and classroom environmental standards and other such educational items that don't exist in children's ministry, and getting my keys. I have also participated in two social events where I barely knew anyone. I'll pause while you clap and pat me on the back...My goal was to have those things done by August, and well, I'm early! Hooray! I took the kids to the school one day last week to try out working with them there. Let's just say I've had more fun at the doctor. The girl doctor. Looks like some weekend work is in my very near future.

Alrighty. T-minus 45 minutes of wishing for Emily to take a nap. Don't worry. She hasn't been crying that long. Just jabbering, and most importantly NOT SLEEPING. Heaven help us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

9 Months

It is time for the 9 month update and it's going to be such a fun one!

Emily, at 9 months-

*You are officially a crawler! You are still rather content to just sit around, but it is starting to dawn on you that you can follow me around. It is really fun to watch you explore. And, I am getting a refresher course on baby proofing. The dog is especially enjoying the spoils of your crumbs as you try to crawl holding a cracker!

*You weigh 19 lbs and are right in the middle of all growth charts. I expected you to have gained more weight. I'm used to a big bruiser baby!

*You like to wave! Typically you do this a little late-like after someone has walked away. My favorite is when I come to get you out of bed and you wave to me. Best. Ever.

*You babble a little bit. You mostly like to blow raspberries with your tongue. Your brother is more than happy to join in with you. You make the sounds "mama" and "dada" but you definitely won't do either of them on command. You like to laugh at me when I try to get you to say them.

*You are super into "giving love". You will lay your head on my shoulder and make a sound like "awwww"! Again, Best. Ever.

*You have two signs. "All done" and "more". A lot of times you get these mixed up and you try to use the all done sign for both. Sometimes though, there is no doubt that you are ALL DONE.

*You are starting to have definite feelings about things. You do not like it when I take contraband away from you. You cry when I take trash out of your hands or pennies out of your mouth. Trust me. You'll thank me one day! You are starting to have a little stranger/separation anxiety.

*You finally have a tooth!! It has been no fun for you to grow it, but I sure was glad to see it finally pop through. It looks like the next one isn't far behind.

*You are eating tons of finger food and have all but shunned baby food. And by shunned I mean you grab at the bowl and spoon relentlessly and I pretty much can't deal. So, I guess, technically, I'M shunning baby food! You have lots of things that you can eat now, and you are a great eater.

*The best news to come out of this month is that we finally got you off the hypo-allergenic formula!! You are now on soy formula and saving mommy and daddy a pretty penny. And less money coming out of your wedding fund, according to daddy.

Em, you are growing so fast. Your personality is starting to really show and you are so joyful. You make my life really fun. I love to see you smile and laugh. We love you, Emily!!

Happy Birthday, USA!

Hope ya'll had a fun filled fourth! We kept it low-key since this was one of the only weekends we would all be home together in the next two months! Yikes! We had some major family time and it was WONDERFUL!!

On Saturday morning, Big Dan took Drew to the neighborhood 4th of July parade. Drew and I decorated his Batman motorcycle so it would look festive. Drew is not really all that in to pedaling, so Big Dan got to participate in the parade. By pushing Drew!!

We also had a little time with some sparklers. We did it in the broad daylight, because one thing I've learned this summer is that it is no fun for anyone to let Drew stay up late! After Emily went to bed we got some sparklers going.

I kind of thought Drew might be scared of the sparklers, but he was totally into it. And then the sensory issue of it all kind of got to him. The smoke bothered his eyes and nose. As you can see...

I didn't want him to stop having fun, so I came up with a solution! Put on sunglasses and hold your nose!!

Whatever works, right????

And then Big Dan had a moment of pride in the good ol' US of A...

Let freedom ring!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work

So. I got a job.

Weird, I know.

I wasn't really looking for a job. And I don't say that lightly because I know there are many, many people who only wish a job would fall right into their laps. But, I wasn't really looking.

I love being a stay-at-home mom. I never really knew how much I had always wanted to do it. It isn't a career I ever really felt comfortable striving for because then you have to be a husband-hunter. Instead, I've just tried to follow the Lord each time he's said "C'mon!" You might not know this, but the Lord speaks "southern" to me. When we left Knoxville, I was tired and used up from a job that brought out both the best and worst in me. I made lots of mistakes, but I meant well, and most days I really did work at it with all my heart. And after that season, I needed a break.

Let me back up. Little known fact about me is that when I was 17 years old I got "the call". If you're not a dyed-in-the-wool Baptist, you might not know about "the call", but to sum up it usually involves pursuing some sort of full-time ministry job. When I was 17 the only suitable ministry job for a woman (by Baptist standards-which is all I knew) was being a missionary. So, I thought I might be that. I got to college, and through lots of great opportunities and great people I learned a lot about my "call". I had the priviledge of attending a small, Christian school where I knew the professors in my major fairly personally. One of those wise souls counseled me that "call" didn't necessarily mean the same thing for the rest of my life. It could, but it didn't have to. And, then, lo and behold, I found out that God was working in all sorts of churches, not just the Baptist one. Bless my heart. God and I had a heart to heart and I knew that I would never be a "same thing for the rest of my life" gal. I would need to listen very carefully to what He had to say and when He said, "C'mon", then I would go.

Just by following along I have had some of THE most amazing experiences of my entire life. You'd never believe some of the things I've seen and done in my 30+ (groan) years. I'm trying to remind myself of that right now. Because, He's saying it again. "C'mon!"

I don't really get into the detail of our lives on this old thing. I don't really think it's healthy to hash the intricacies of marriage and family here, but I have mentioned before that the past year has been kind of hard. Our financial picture changed, and while I have continued to stay home, and we have been fine, Big Dan and I wondered if maybe I should think about making some cold, hard cash. I considered the work from home option, but it turns out you have to have actual "skills" for something like that. The more we talked, and my anxiety rose up again and again, the more we decided we would leave it up to God (you think??) I wouldn't pursue work, but if something came up, we would pray about it.

It came up. One day my sister called and said, "Hey, there's a 3 year old teaching position open at Lyla's school. I'll send you their email address if you're interested." Enter large pit in my stomach. I did exactly nothing for around 2.5 weeks. And finally, that nagging feeling was wearing me out, so I sent the dang email. All the while thinking, "God doesn't want me to work. I'm sure they've already hired someone. Or someone knows someone..." And then the director called. And then door after door after door kept opening up. I told Big Dan, I'll just keep walking until the doors quit opening. The day I went to interview, a child in the older 3's class dropped out of the program, making a spot available for Drew. I'm not joking. I kept walking through doors and walked right into a job.

It seems so obvious when I look at it, and yet everyday I doubt. Can this really be what He wants for our family? What about home and hearth and all that? Don't get me wrong-i know lots of women who work full-time and love it, work part-time and love it. I don't think any one way is right or wrong-I don't. I believe that as long as a mom is doing what she can to teach her children to walk in the ways of the Lord, that's what matters.

The funniest part of the whole thing is that Emily will be staying with Katy (who quit her job just prior to this whole thing coming up-oh, how the Lord is shifting us all around.) There will be a Drew and Lyla 2.0!!!!!!!!! Ha! Maybe Katy will start a blog so you can keep up with all of their capers. =)

Speaking of Katy...and let me pause to say that I wish everyone could have sisters as fabulous as mine. They are the best. No one knows you like a sister, because they've been there through it all-every dadgum bit of it. And they know what you need to hear. Katy said, "You know, there's a kid in your class who needs you." Wow. How about, Kel, you stop thinking about yourself for just one half second and consider what the Lord wants to do with you? Novel.

I got a job. I will be a working mom. And I think it will take me the next two months to come to terms with that!! Here we go!