Friday, December 31, 2010

All She Wrote...

2010 is on his way out.

It's New Year's Eve.

I won't try to sum up the past year in this post, but instead regale you with more and more stories about my kids! I have a lot going on in the soul these days, and hopefully, there will come a time to share. But for now...

Just yesterday my sister and I were discussing the inevitability of the public poop. I apologize for using the word "poop" here so freely, but after a certain point, it just loses its' power as a gross word. So, just a mere 12 hours later, I was standing in line at the post office (because have you ever been to the post office when there isn't a line??) and Drew *shouts* "Mom, I need to POOP right now." I wish I was the kind of person who always immediately said the right thing the first time around. You know the right thing like, "Ok, sweetie, let's finish up here and then we'll talk about it." Which I got to after I said, "SSSSSSSHHHHHHH!! Drew! You're just going to have to hold it. We live just a few minutes from here. You'll be fine." To which he said, "Mommy!" (through gritted teeth) "You just don't want me to go because you don't want to take me." What? No, I don't want to take you to yet ANOTHER disgusting public restroom where you will, without doubt, touch the toilet with your hands, your rear end and probably bend over to touch the floor. In a public restroom. Gag. me. Finally, I got to the nice way to handle it, diffusing the situation. After the whole lobby of the post office had a good laugh. I'm sure my neck was breaking out. (Have I mentioned the neck thing here? Yeah, anytime I am embarrassed or angry, my neck breaks out. It's awesome.)

We left the post office and headed next door to Staples. Which, was handy because I'm very familiar with their bathroom. We've been before. Every time we go. The moment was had and all I could do was try not to have a seizure over all the disgusting around us.

Did I mention all of this happened while my children were pajama clad??

This follows up a poop round at Target yesterday. We had been shopping for ALL OF 10 minutes when the poop announcement came. Not so shouty as today, but public nonetheless. What makes this situation all the worse is having to hold Emily in the restroom while Drew is doing his business. She wants nothing more than to unroll the toilet paper as fast as possible. So, it's a lot like holding a cat who definitely doesn't want to be held. Good times. As we walked in the restroom at Target, it quickly became apparent that someone else, of the adult persuasion, had felt the urge as well. And Drew says, "Shew!! It smells gross in here!" Neck.breaking.out. I mean really. I think the poor girl really tried to wait us out, but clearly she was not prepared for all the dawdling that goes along with being 4.

I'm sure there are many more public restroom visits to come. I'm thinking of inventing some antibacterial body lotion.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Ooh, ooh. Two new posts. Whatever is the world coming to??

Today I took the kids to Target just to get out of the house. I couldn't listen to the bickering-yes, between a 4 year old and his FOURTEEN month old sister-for another minute. I think the three of us were getting a little stir crazy. So, what else would I do to entertain us besides go to Target??? Plus, Drew had a "shopping card" that was burning a hole in his pocket. To be more exact, it was a burning a hole on the bookshelf, because no way am I letting him tote around a gift card in his pocket.

When we got to Target and started walking around, I almost started laughing out loud. It looked like some kind of war refugee scene. Every single person in there looked like they had been hit by a bus. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Because, really, you should've seen me. And actually, I don't think any one of them would've argued the point with me. They were all too tired to care.

Moms out there know the feeling all too well. You should head over to Suburban Turmoil and read her post. All I can say is, Amen and Amen.

I know some people get a down in the dumps feeling the day after Christmas. Not me. It is one of my most favorite days in the year. This probably speaks to my melancholy outlook in general, but something about it feels so good. The decorations are still up, the treats are still around, it looks like a toy bomb went off in the house. But. But, there's nothing out there, waiting to be done. Nothing nagging the back of my mind. No programs to attend, no outfits to pick out, no menus to plan and no more midnight shopping trips at Wal-Mart. Praise the Lord, hallelujah.

I am always excited for the holiday season to roll around. And somehow, this year, everything got done even though I tried to let go of my inner holiday nazi. Amazing how that works. The kids had a blast and I tried to supply them with a little holiday magic. But as the dust has settled, I can feel my soul taking a big, deep breath.

So, to all you moms out there, "Merry quiet days following Christmas!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Caped Crusader

Right around Halloween, we were invited to our second classmate birthday party. Clearly, this is my first year of classmate birthday parties, because I still think it's fun. I'm sure in a few years I'll be groaning and complaining about ALL the parties. In Drew's class, all the kids have birthdays within weeks of each other, so it's been a little heavy on the birthday fun. Ok. Back to the party we attended. It was a super hero party and Drew was ecstatic to wear his Batman outfit to the park for some fun. And then. AND THEN. Spiderman showed up to the party.

I had no idea this was going to happen, and I will never, never forget the look on Drew's face when he realized what was happening. I wish I could explain it to you. Astonishment, delight. FREAKING OUT. And this guy who was playing Spiderman-he was awesome. I have never met a character more dedicated to his craft! Ha!

And so, that was all she wrote. Out the window went my plans to have a party off-site with someone else doing all the work. Because, when he looked up at me with that face and said, "Mommy, can a superhero come to my party?" well, I was all done in. I don't know if it's just me or if it's all moms, but there is something about watching his biggest wishes come true.

I set to work. The first order of business was to ask the mom of the Spiderman party if she would be beyond annoyed if I totally ripped off her idea. She laughed and said, "No way. Because I totally ripped the idea off from someone else." And so it goes in the land of moms, I guess. Next, I was nervous because it was only a month away? Would Batman be able to make it?? I contacted the company and dealt with THE NICEST MAN EVER and was assured that this same guy did Batman and was available! Katy and I worked on our cupcake vision and she labored over the fondant for me. We made signs and scrambled around. I worked myself into a completely unnecessary lather, as usual. And it was all totally worth it.


My little Batman

Spiderman arrives!

The Dark Knight!!!

Batman's tricks

By the way, photo credits ALL go to Katy. I've dubbed her my own personal photographer-among other things-because she takes great pictures (and actually remembers to take them...) For example. Check out this next picture. Do you see Drew's face?? And his little friend looking at him knowing he must be ecstatic...Classic.

Drew and Weston with cupcake mouths

The group shot

The boy and his hero. Be still my heart...

Monday, December 6, 2010

What the?


It's been a sweet forever since I've posted anything on here. And it would appear that my background has gone away. Freakin' technology.

Life has And that's really all I have to say about that. So, I haven't been blogging but thought I'd pop in and let you know we're all still breathing.

My kids continue to be utterly hilarious and I really need to try to check in and get some stories on here. Emily is a full blown walker now and she thinks she is the sass. We watch "The Goodnight Show" every night in that last (painful) hour before bed and we are treated to the Pillow Pet commercial at least 6 times each night. She goes beserk each time and last week her Daddy brought her home a lady bug Pillow Pet and she WIGGED out. Her personality is so big and so funny. And, yes, I'm a tad biased. she is talking up a storm and pretty much repeats anything you say. You should hear her say "Bye". She's more southern than anyone I know, dragging out that "Bye" into around 27 syllables. "Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeee" And now she'll tell me "Byyyyyyyyyyyye" and walk out of the room and crack up. She also thinks it's a real hoot to do things she's not supposed to and say, "Nooo nooo". Hilarious until she's turned off the TV for the 10th time and Drew is apoplectic.

Speaking of Drew. That kid kills on a regular basis. Saturday we had his birthday party and THE REAL BATMAN came. Pictures are coming soon. They are awesome.