Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Newborn bath time

I really miss my bloggin'!! So, I'm trying to squeeze one in right quick. I have approximately 5 seconds before I'll be summoned by the milk princess, so here goes! For more (coherent) tips don't forget to head over to We Are That Family.

Since my life is consumed by a newborn, I thought I'd share a newborn tip. This one is not original to me, but actually to my sister's mother-in-law aka Nana Karen. And it's a great one.

Before you bathe your tiny baby, take a space heater (we have a small, cheap one and it works fine) and set it up in the bathroom. Turn it on and close the door. By the time you bathe the babe, the bathroom is nice and toasty and baby will have a great bath.

And, now, for some gratuitous Emily pics!! Here's some shots of her first bath:


Sharon said...

Congratulations! I just jumped over from the MckLinky and was greeted by the beautiful pictures of your daughter. She's lovely! (and good tip about the space heater!)

I realize you don't have much/any free time, but if you're interested, I'm hosting a blog carnival about JOY and would love to have you link up.... You can share the pictures of your new daughter! that certainly qualifies as JOY!

pk said...

I don't have a newborn (yours is adorable btw!), but it sounds like a good tip! I love that you call her the milk princess. Too funny. Have a good weekend!
pk @ Room Remix