Monday, September 20, 2010

11 months!!

I figured since it is almost time for Emily's FIRST BIRTHDAY, I'd better go ahead and sneak in the 11 month update!

Emily, at 11 months you are one busy girl!!

*You are a crawling machine. You crawl fast and with a purpose these days and usually that purpose involves some sort of trouble! Case in point:

Your scariest trick is climbing the stairs of death in complete stealth mode. There have been MANY times that I had no idea you were even on the steps until you were already at the top!! I'm thinking of installing some barbed wire. Or, you know, a baby gate!

*You took your first steps a few weeks ago. You are getting more bold about cruising around and your balance is getting a little better. You still have Bambi legs just a little bit (the deer not a redneck woman) and you are still nervous to really take off, but I'm betting it won't be long!

*You are starting to share your opinions and they are quite strong. Sometimes you cause Drew and I to want to jump out of the car with all of your screaming. Drew often says to you, "Emily. Please. Can you just BE QUIET????"

*Speaking of Drew, he still takes really good care of you and is very good to you, but you are sort of making it hard on him. Talk about a space invader!! Anything he has, you want. And you'll screech about it until you get your way. I'll give you a little tip-this is not winning you any friends!! You also LOVE to pull his hair. A lot. Also, not so much with the winning friends! Still, though, you guys are tight. He loves you little girl, and to be sure you think he is pretty swell, too.

*Your tummy continues to be tender. Milk or any milk products are still a complete no-go. Also, a lot of times when you have any new food it will upset your stomach. You would really prefer that I ignore all of this and let you have whatever you want. Anything we are eating, you want to try. Sometimes I will let you, and you are a great eater!! I wish I could let you try some of everything. The good news is, you have not had a puking episode since JUNE!! I know we are on the way to stomach freedom!

*You continue to sport only two teeth. No other teeth seem to be in any hurry to arrive. Your brother was the same way! You are very proficient with your gums however!

*Try as I might, I cannot get you to give up your newborn soothie pacis. I've tried around 6 different varieties and this last time it was in an effort to stop all the losing of the pacis. Because those soothies??? They might as well be super balls. Once they hit the ground not only do they bounce, but they roll. This has become more troubling since you became mobile. None of this bothers you though. When I try to sneak another paci in your mouth, you swat it away in disgust. It's like you're saying, "Away from me you paci imposter!"

*Your favorite activity is playing on the couch. Anytime you are grumpy or just don't feel like doing anything, I can plop you up on the couch and you'll be laughing in mere seconds. I'm really looking forward to the day you are able to get off the couch on your own. As Daddy pointed out you can, technically, get off the couch on your own now. I would just prefer it didn't involve skull cracking.

*You love to look at books and you are very into pointing at things in the books. Specifically, we have an Elmo book and you love to point to Elmo on each page.

*You have around 2 words. First, "Buzz". You call any and all action figures "Buzz". You also know exactly what to do with them-fly them around! It's pretty hilarious to watch you. You also say, "Poop" regularly. Any time I mention changing you, you say "poop" and pull on your shirt to indicate being changed. Although having "poop" as one of your first words is not exactly warm and fuzzy, I am happy you are starting to try to communicate with something other than shrieking!

*You are doing so great staying with Aunt Katy. You love her, maybe more than you love me, and you are taking great naps at her house. This makes us both very happy!

*You should be all the way into 12 month clothes, but I am too cheap to buy you any more summer clothes. Ha! I keep thinking cooler weather is right around the corner and so you get to keep wearing your 9 month summer clothes. Luckily, mini skirts and daisy dukes are not offensive on a baby!

Emily, I am having the most fun with you. Even though you are starting to demand a little more, you are also showing more of your hilarious personality. You LOVE to laugh and you give the best hugs. I love the times in the evening when we can snuggle. I can't believe you are almost a year old! It's been a nutty year, but you have been THE BEST. We love you, Em!!! To infinity and beyond!

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Jen said...

sweetest pic ever of the two munchkins laying on the pillow. Really want to meet Emily!