Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have visions of ER trips dancing in my head.

And, I'll have you know, that approximately 12 hours after I posted the 11 month update bemoaning the paci scenario, she up and adopted one of the impostors!!!!!!! (Which I realize I spelled wrong on the last post. Guh. Let me take this moment for a friendly public service announcement regarding my blog: I am aware that a) I have very bad grammar including the constant misuse of the comma b) I use the word "that" too much. I just can't stop myself... c) I use too many exclamation points. What can I say? It's all VERY exciting!! and d) despite my complete pet peeve for poor spelling, I, from time to time, misspell words. Thank you.)

So, I've decided to post about anything that needs changing, declare it will never change and maybe casually mention it to Emily. Then she will be sure to change it. It's what they call "reverse psychology", kids. I'm a parenting genius.

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Paula said...

I love your little family updates...I have stolen your little idea and I am going to take the girls picture each month and darn if I could just go back with the other two! :)