Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not the Chosen One

Hallelujah and Amen. I did not get picked. REPEAT. I did not get picked.

Our ECERS evaluation was yesterday and we all survived. I had pumped myself up. Told myself I could totally handle it. BRING.IT ON. And then, when I found out I wasn't chosen, I wanted to weep like a child! All day long I caught myself thinking, "Don't forget you need 45 minutes of free play during this block." OH WAIT! No I don't! I can even have snack early. *GASP*.

The two ladies chosen were both veterans and one has been evaluated two times before. Her own personal life is super hard right now and she pretty much could have cared less what they said! We were at recess with them (and the evaluator) and I was a nervous wreck just for that. And naturally two of my boys had a head-on collision resulting in one howling like his leg was on fire. It was fairly humorous to see the cavalry of support staff who came running for the one injured child!

But now it's over. Let freedom ring. I told the director not to be surprised when I was doing all sorts of crazy, zany, non-ECERS approved activities with my kids. She said, "Go for it!" It's one of the reasons I love her. So, bring on the cardboard tube binoculars and the sound effects CD, because we're going exploring in the forest tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm plum tuckered out. In the midst of all the manic preparation, my daughter got roseola and went on a milk strike. From her sippy cup. And insisted on shouting, "Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba" all the live long day. I thought I would be excited about having an early talker. Considering her two most used words are "nak" (snack) and "oosh" (juice) and she screams like a witch whenever she can't have either, I think I might prefer Drew's made-up sign language.

Annnnnd, my washing machine broke again. I will not be repairing it for the third time, and the new one arrives tomorrow evening between 4 and 6. And then I'll be doing laundry non-stop until Christmas because Drew's pull-up leaked twice this week all over his bedsheets. Naturally. Emergency load being done at Katy's tonight. Undergarments are in short supply. Just trying to be transparent. We're headed there because Drew left Ribbit there yesterday afternoon. Tough lesson in personal responsibility.

The good times just keep.on.rollin'! Dare I even wish for an uneventful week? What if I beg??

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