Friday, December 30, 2011


I picked up Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD this week.

I may or may not have poached some of my son's store credit from a returned Christmas gift. Moving on.

The reason I picked up the video is because I know I need exercise. I also know I don't have time or extra funds to join any sort of gym situation. Daniel is working out of town, so I can't go for a run. So, every night after Emily goes to bed (and by every night I mean 3 so far...) my family room becomes a workout zone. I'm laughing. Nothing near me has ever been, nor ever will be referred to as a workout zone. Let's just say, I attempt to follow the video in my family room and leave it at that.

When I picked up the video, Drew immediately needed to know all about it. Once I told him it was exercising, he begged me to let him do it with me. What could be better than an evening with Jillian? How about Jillian and your five year old? Yeah...

The first question he had (which if you know him, you know one question is just getting started) concerned why the ladies on the video were showing their belly buttons. I explained they were not very modest and how it is always a bad choice for a lady to go around showing off her belly button. I left out the part where they have washboard abs and probably deserve to show a little belly button after what was surely some form of gym torture to have a stomach that looks that way.

I have been so sore the last two days. Which is HILARIOUS. It's a twenty minute workout. I should not be sore after a twenty minute workout. But I am. I nearly had a real emergency today when I needed to cough. Painful. I should point out that I am also potty training Emily this week. More on that later, but suffice it to say, at the end of my day with her I wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch and eat junk food.

But Coach Drew had other plans. "C'mon Mom! We gotta exercise! You can do it!" Guh. He's already completely appalled about my being on level one. "When are we going to move up to level two??' Sheesh. What could I say? "No, Momma's too lazy to do a twenty minute workout. Let's eat some chocolate..."

So, I screwed up my courage and shredded it up with Jillian and Drew again tonight. I will say watching him "exercise" is a nice little comic break during all the shredding. However. Tonight he said, "Mom, how come you don't show your belly button when you exercise?" I simply explained that I don't like to, hoping he'd hearken back to our little modesty conversation. He would realize I'm a true lady.

"It's because of your scrunchy stomach, huh Mom?"


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Lana said...

OMG...I was TOTALLY busting out laughing out loud at my desk! As you know I too have been shredding...Roman isn't even allowed in the room!