Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Salad

You like how I changed that up right there? See, last time it was "Blog Soup" and this time "Blog Salad". Same lame concept, kicky new name. I know, I know. It's why you just keep coming back for more.

So many random tidbits to report.

First, Matthew Perry is back on TV and I'm more than a little excited about it. Chandler Bing is probably my all time favorite character from TV, and I have a hunch Matthew Perry is kind of like him in real life. If this is not true, please don't tell me. Last week I eagerly anticipated his new show "Mr. Sunshine" and proceeded to fall asleep about 10 minutes in. This really had nothing to do with the show, and everything to do with, you know, exhaustion. But, I'm watching right now-yep, in real time-and I can definitely see shades of Chandler. I think I'll have a few Girl Scout cookies to celebrate.

And, speaking of awesome segues, my Girl Scout cookie order was wrong. WRONG. Instead of two boxes of Thin Mints, which is an obvious part of any Girl Scout cookie order, I got two boxes of some new fangled flavor alleging itself to be "Dulce De Leche". It's sort of a tragedy. I have no idea who the random girl is I bought the cookies from and there is no way to correct the mistake. So, I'm doing what any normal person would do, and that is stalking the Kroger waiting for the Girl Scouts to show up so I can get my freaking Thin Mints. Because buying the cookies is sort of like giving to charity, right?

Drew has said some hilarious things lately. The greatest hit of this week was when he said, "So I have to sit in the family room all by MYSELF???? ALONE??" [I was in a mommy time out. On a break. It was a claustrophobic moment] "Ok fine, I guess it'll just be me and MR. NOBODY in here!" Shew. That is funny stuff.

Speaking of hilarious four year olds, I had a great moment at lunch on Monday. We were discussing different musical instruments (because one kid gave me a trumpet silly band for Valentine's Day and it launched a conversation. It's sort of how things flow in the three year old classroom...) and one boy was talking about a Triangle, which he called a ring ding, and said, "I think my dad played one of those in the 80s." IN THE 80s he said!!!! And he did not even crack a smile. Totally deadpan. I think I lost 10 lbs laughing.

Emily is a little talking machine. She said all sorts of words just today. Including, but not limited to, Swing-"ning"; Green bean-"bean bean"; flower-no idea how to write it out; and Emmy-"memmy". It. She also started saying, "R you??" when she's looking for something. And when I say, "Where is your _________?" She says, "Hmmmmmm..."

She also thinks it's hilarious to dart into the road repeatedly when we play outside. She probably wouldn't have kept doing it if I hadn't laughed that first time. Hindsight, people, hindsight.

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