Monday, February 14, 2011

A Weekend Visitor

We had a special guest at Casa de Hull over the weekend. And please, do not judge my use of the made up spanglish. It's just what popped out. I could spend a couple hours psycho analyzing that for sure, but I'm too tired. ANYWAY.

Over the weekend Buzz Bee the bumblebee stayed at our house. Buzz Bee is the class mascot in Drew's classroom at school. For one weekend of the school year each child gets to bring Buzz Bee home. I know. Drew's teacher is pretty much the be all end all of preschool teachers. And if she wasn't so sweet and kind and didn't give me all her stuff, I'd probably be a little mad at her.

So Buzz Bee came to our house. Which is great and all, until you realize you have to write a narrative about all the things Buzz Bee and your child did over the weekend so they can read it during class on Monday. Well. I don't know if we've met but I struggle a little bit with, you know, be the teeniest bit competitive. I got right to work reading what the other kids had done with Buzz Bee. And then I had a tiny panic attack. Because we had no plans for the weekend. Zero. Drew and Emily were coming off of being sick and I was pooped. But clearly I could not write in the Buzz Bee book "Drew and Buzz Bee watched six straight hours of Nick Jr. today. In fact, Drew and his mom have watched so much Nick Jr. lately that his mom is pretty sure she knows the moves to the closing number on 'Fresh Beat Band.'" After all, I have a reputation to uphold. Thank goodness the weather cooperated.

You know, that, and I can embellish a story when I need to. I made grocery shopping at Wal-Mart sound like a big adventure. And then I felt a little bit judged by the other moms for shopping at Wal-Mart when they definitely wrote in the Buzz Bee book about their trip to Whole Foods. Look, we just want Buzz Bee to be well rounded, right?

As I scribbled out Buzz Bee's story at the last minute this morning, I wondered how many of the other moms had a little bit of mom panic over Buzz Bee. Then I realized, it's probably just me. It takes a real special brand of crazy to be put over the mental edge by a stuffed animal bee.


Christina said...

Mo the mouse who brings his house, came to our house.
Mo played hide and seek Mo is tiny very tiny and with this many kids Mo went missing 6 times that was the "big" thing we wrote about my task was trying to not lose said mouse and not impress the kids. thanfully he was only at our house for 18 hours.
I was told I had to feed him, my response to G he has no heart beat so I aint feeding him. Mommying at his finest!

Paula said...

Buzz Bee-cute name. Maybe from the Hermie movies? LOVE those. This was interesting because I would send a bear home with my students. Nice to hear from a parents view...never knew. And now as a parent... I totally 100% see the pressure!!!! When all you want to do is rest!!! BTW-love the "Roast Beef Fan" here....why Colton can't get that one right???????