Monday, July 25, 2011

The Long, Long, List

The beginning of the new school year is fast approaching. I think I may have mentioned before that I always view the start of a new school year as more of my "new year" than January. It's just one more reason it's handy I'm going to be a teacher, huh?

So, in preparation for the "new year", I've made a list. It's a doozy. Quite ambitious, but definitely things I'd love to get taken care of before I go back to work. Well, work outside of my home that is. I have been a little occupied with a house full of little people this summer!

At the end of last year (with the purchase of my $20 TV cabinet at the yard sale) I moved a little table in my laundry room. And suddenly (just like with the pillow in the family room) I had a whole vision of what the place could become. I started using it as a "mud room" and I use the term lightly. Please do not picture something scrumptious from a Pottery Barn catalog. But, I did move our shoe basket in there and hung up the kids backpacks in there. This summer the little table has served as a launching pad for all things swim related. It's working, and I really want to make it even better.

I present to you Project #1-Laundry/Mud Room.

My first order of business is to paint it. I have wanted to do this for such a long time but the task has seemed overwhelming. You're shocked, I know. It is just so rare that something would be overwhelming to me... There are some holes in the walls and some dry wall anchors. I've just decided some of the holes may get patched, some may not. Because, if the holes are what are holding me back, then that's ridiculous. Still, painting in there is going to be a task. Before I finish painting it, it will have to be cleaned out. Which is probably going to lead to my needing to clean out some cabinets and pantry. See???? Sheesh. Anyway. I've decided just to start, and do a little bit at a time. For starters I'm trying to choose a paint color:

"Honeydew" by Behr is currently in the lead, but I don't feel 100% yet. I've also been on Pinterest (do you know about this??? If you don't, you should. It's changing my life. Ok, well, not really, but I am super in LOVE with it!) If you click the hyperlink, it will take you to my page and you can see what other ideas are brewing for the Laundry Room.

I'm deeming Mondays as Project Update days here at Toddle On. I know-it's dangerous to make such a bold statement when I can barely bring myself to blog regularly. Imma try, though, ok? If you have any great laundry room/mud room ideas you can't live without, let me know! Preferably with a link to a picture so I can pin them right onto my board!

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