Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Well now.

Did I forget to mention I was taking a little bloggy vacay? So sorry. Actually, I wasn't planning on taking a bloggy vacay, but I did decide to let June be the month of slack. I've been savoring summer as much as one can while rearing two littles and running a day camp. I've just been doing the bare minimum. Nothing too taxing. Or even a little taxing. Because, you know, writing this blog is a real brain buster...

Also, and please don't judge, I got completely sucked into the T.V. series "Friday Night Lights". This is typical for me. I am not, what you describe as, on the cutting edge. I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to trendy or cool or good things. So it is with me and the FNL. What caught my attention is that the series is wrapping up and there are some people to' up about it. I decided to see what all the hoopla is about. I signed up for a free month on Netflix (which expires tomorrow...note to self: cancel netflix...) and watched my first episode. And pretty much that's what I've been doing for the last few weeks. Straight. Kind of a sickness really. But, can I just take a moment and say, I'm not ashamed of how much I love football. Or the South. This show, well, it's the first time in, well, ever that I really wished the people were real. I was fully prepared to get in my car and drive to Dillon, TX, and show up at Coach and Tammy Taylor's door. I mean, everyone else does. I love everything about the show. Crazy old Buddy Garrity. Jason Street and his awesomeness. Matt Saracen-whose little cheeks you just want to pinch because he's so dang sweet to his grandma. Tragic, tragic, Tim Riggins with his perpetual shirt unbuttoning. (I googled him just to make sure he wasn't really 18, because, well, I think he's cute!) And last but not least, my favorite ever character Landon. Seriously. I love him.

You can see by the above paragraph that I have a serious problem. Put your worries behind you. I've seen all the episodes now, and only ONE remains. And in my opinion, they have a mighty lot of stuff to wrap up. They better not leave me hanging.

In the few hours a day I haven't been watching Netflix, I've done a lot of playing and swimming and snacking. We are having a great summer. My little play days are going great. I have a great bunch of kids and it has been beyond amazing to watch God provide this way-always just what is needed.

Lots to catch up on. I'm officially off vacation. This week's productivity equals studying for my first Praxis exam. Did I mention I'm going to grad school? No? My bad. I'm starting grad school this fall. I'm gonna be a real live teacher, ya'll!

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