Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day

The way my life is currently structured, with various jobs and whatnot, Wednesday is the new Friday.  Sort of.  It ends up feeling that way most weeks, and is kind of nice.  I don't work on Thursdays, so it's sort of like I get two Fridays in one week.  Of course, I also end up sort of having two Mondays, but we won't dwell on that.

This first Friday of the week started out a little earlier than I had hoped for.  It started at around 3 a.m. when it thundered and my kids bolted out of bed.  It was then we realized there was a TORNADO WARNING and we all piled in the interior wallled downstairs bathroom.  Who doesn't want to be doing that at 3 a.m.?

Can we just take a moment to discuss the weather?  Because, frankly?  It is on my nerves.  I swear Nashville exists under some sort of snow repellent force field.  It's annoying.  I mean, I don't fancy moving to Alaska where there is snow year round.  But I don't mind a couple of good snows in a year.  Ok, so fine.  Snow can fall in all surrounding areas and skip me, but DO NOT bring a tornado up in my life in the middle of January!!

When we first moved to Nashville I was amazed at the amount of tornadic (spellcheck is telling me that word is wrong.  I just can't imagine it any other way) activity.  Did I accidentally move to Kansas? Over the years I have learned to brace myself for tornado season.  The bracing has been ratcheted up since having two children who are terrified of storms. But, let it be known that I will not abide tornadic activity in the middle of winter.

And by not abide, I mean, there's not one cotton-pickin' thing I can do about it, but I think it is absurd.

So, in sum, last night: high 70s, tornado.  Tonight? Snow flurries.  Obviously.

But the good news is, tomorrow is first Saturday!  I'm beginning my weekend state of mind starting....


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