Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All the Things

I'm standing in my kitchen waiting for a batch of cookies to bake. I'm not going to eat any of these cookies because I'm on a cleanse. Did you know that's what we're saying now, instead of diet? It's cleanse, not diet. That's your public service announcement portion of the program.

I'm working on my third Whole 30. I really want to write a whole post about this, but it ain't happening tonight. Why? Well, because it's Wednesday and apparently Drew and I both run out of steam in the middle of the week.

Of course, the cleanse begs the question of why I'm standing in my kitchen at 10 p.m. baking cookies. This, my friends, is a mommy project gone awry. I told my kids that today after we picked up Drew from school we would make cookies. The main problem is that ol' Mom forgot to read the recipe all the way through. She might have skipped over the part where it said, "Allow dough to chill for at least four hours." Do you know how long four hours sounds to a kid? ETERNITY. Upon announcing my discovery, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, despite the licking of the beaters. So, in my usual rational fashion, I told the kids that they could have a cookie for "breakfast dessert" if they would quit complaining. Hence the being stuck in kitchen purgatory while my bed is calling my name.

Besides the Whole 30 I have other things in my brain that I want to dump out here. I hope some of them will be encouraging, or challenging. I mean, you know, beyond being encouraged that you are a much more sane, normal person than me based on all of my other posts.

But for tonight, I'll leave you with a link to the chocolate crinkle cookies that are baking in my oven. It only seems fair.

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