Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to School

Here it is. The obligatory back to school post. Complete with pictures. I know. Wonders never cease.

My firstborn child, who was a baby five minutes ago, just started first grade. I wish I was kidding. I mean, LOOK AT HIM. He's like a full-blown kid. I'm beside myself. It's weird, because both times around the baby block, I did not enjoy myself. I had two extremely high maintenance, scream-y, pukey babies. But, somewhere around 3 and a half, I reached that mushy mom point where you just want time to stop. 

When you add in the fact that my brother-in-law mentioned we only have 11 more years with the big kids at home? Full blown panic attack. 

If you are the mom of a baby, toddler or young preschooler and they are wearing you slap out? I'm here to say that it gets SO much better! It does. I mean it.  I would not lie about this to you. (Of course, if you're one of the lucky ones with dreamy babies and sweet toddlers, then your heartache will only be deeper because you had longer to enjoy them!) 

Back to school kicked up some anxiety around the Hull household. Most of it originated with me. I know you're shocked. I have lived in complete denial about the start of school for weeks. But then, all of a sudden I started hearing that teachers were calling their new students and I started freaking out. Internally, of course. I was try to maintain a calm facade for the sake of the one who was actually going to be headed to school. I was just hoping for ONE of his little buddies from his class last year. Just ONE. And honestly, that little class was so amazing, I would've been thrilled with any of the boys. 

Instead, he is in a class with just one little girl he knows. Granted, if he had to choose ANY girl from his class last year, it would be her. And I agree. But it didn't make the first day any easier when he had to start all over. 

This is Drew with his new teacher, Mrs. Hall. (Do you love that little adorable photo bomber in the background??) Despite his initial disappointment, Drew has handled the start of school like a CHAMP! And the best news is, all his besties are with him on the playground. 

The best development of this new school year is that we have figured out we can walk to school! I know this makes me sound idiotic. Because how would one NOT know one could walk to school? The thing is, I knew we could physically walk to school, but I was unclear on procedures. And it was all I could do to deal with the car line without my head exploding. So, I just never looked into it. This year, several neighbors are walking, including a very good friend. We've tried it, and we love it! 

Drew loves it because he doesn't have to sit in the cafeteria during "talk and you die" time. Emily loves it because she is not strapped in her car seat for a sweet forever while we languish in the car line. And I love it because a) no car line! and b) I get in a little exercise. Currently, we are walking too and from school. We'll see if the novelty wears off, but I'm definitely going to enjoy it for now!

I've sent him off on another adventure. Only God knows what he will learn, how he will grow and what he will experience in the coming months. Every time I walk away from him, I ask God to go with him since I can't. 

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