Friday, September 27, 2013

I Don't Even Like Dogs


There is so much hilarity happening in the Hull household right now. So.much. The bad news? I can't tell you about any of it.

I know. So mean. You need to really be hoping that someday I feel the freedom to share. Because this is stuff you can't make up. Pure comedic gold.

In the meantime, we are wrapping up a busy month only to get ready to head into another busy month, followed by a busy month, and then another busy month. I like to refer to this time of year as the slide of doom that leads to the post-Christmas coma. Not that I'm thinking about Christmas. Because, no. Just no.

Besides all the un-postable hilarity happening, there's lots to catch you up on. Most notably, Drew's school hired a new first grade teacher and he was moved to her class. After 6 weeks of school. Let's just say I had some opinions on this.

Also, I'm planning to run a 5K. I know you went back to read that again, because, whaaaat?? I know. I promise you didn't slip into bizarro world. There is a 5K supporting pancreatic cancer in a couple of weeks. I've been using the Couch 25K program and it has been amazing. I would highly recommend it to lazy bums who never run. Totally works.

Have I mentioned that I'm teaching Spanish at the preschool this year? You didn't know I spoke Spanish? Well, that would be because I don't. You feel good about the next generation of learners, don't you?? Yeah, so does Big Dan who actually speaks Spanish. He might have said something like, "They hired YOU to teach Spanish??" But listen, I've been through the Pre-K Spanish class THREE times. I'm practically a Pre-K Spanish prodigy at this point. I also have a puppet that I use. I'm dropping all kinds of crazy info on you today, huh? A PUPPET.

I'm going to leave you to it today. I don't want to stir up any more feelings of envy in you. I'd hate to make you stumble in that way. Just know that I'm sitting on the porch at Whole Foods mooching wifi. I might also be eavesdropping on every conversation going on around me. I think it's safe to say that I'm the only one here with a puppet in their bag.

Carry on...

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Jinny said...

No, not a puppet!