Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Well hey there! It's me again.

It's a little dusty around here. October just about killed me. It was filled to the brim with all manner of unbloggable events, so I apologize if you've been waiting for a new post.

I just love writing on this little ol' blog. But, it takes some space and quiet. It also takes me getting some sleep so I can form a coherent sentence.

I was not sad to see October go. Because, honestly? October=Drama. I don't know how well you know me, but I am not a fan of the drama. Particularly when my little family is minding it's own business and some drama gets plopped down in our laps. So you see? You're glad I didn't blog last month. It would've been vague and bitter. No one appreciates vague and bitter. You know those people who post something cryptic on Facebook like, "I just don't know how I'm going to make it..."? Don't you just want to comment to them in all caps and say something like IF YOU'RE GOING TO PUT YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE, PUT IT ALL OUT THERE. I'M NOSEY AND I DON'T APPRECIATE YOUR ALLUSIONS TO YOUR DRAMA. Am I right? If you're going to broadcast your dysfunction, go ahead and tell me the whole story so I can spend a good chunk of time analyzing the situation. It's like my hobby.

Moving on...

This weekend marked our first weekend without sports in quite some time. I know most parents complain about their kids' activities, but I have just had the best time watching Drew play baseball and football. I'm sure some of the sheen will wear off if he's still playing in 10 more years, but for now it's just so much fun. It also helps that he adores sports. He is not the best player out there, but he gives it everything he's got. It's been so fun to watch him put his mind to something and really get better. Plus, he's so freaking adorable in his little uniforms. I could just about shed a tear every time he goes out there to play.

That said, I was not sad to have the chance to ease into the day on Saturday. When there aren't ballgames to be watched you can usually find the Hulls at Cracker Barrel on a Saturday morning. Or a Saturday afternoon depending on how sluggish the parents are/what time the UT game comes on. The past few Saturdays I have basically come a complete stop. This really comes back to bite me on Sunday, but at the time? It's delightful. I hope you had a restful weekend.

I'm off to try and read my book for book club. We're reading "The Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbreath (aka JK Rowling). Book club is on Thursday. I started reading the book today. Riiiiight.

Also? Blacklist is on the TV tonight. Do you watch this show? Let's discuss shows soon.

Here's to having Monday under our belts!

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