Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm back

Somebody better toss some confetti because I managed to make it back here two days in a row!

I need you to know that I really, REALLY wish I had the capability to use emojis on here. Yeah, I'm almost 40 and I said emojis. So what? (Did you gasp a little when you read that I'm almost 40? I know. It's so hard when I'm basically 25 in your mind...)

I hope you had a great Wednesday. HUUUUMP DAY!!! I'll refrain from posting the video, but don't think I don't want to!!

We are blazing right along, and it is completely hard to believe January is almost over. Given that I almost didn't survive late November/December, I feel proud of how easily January's gone down.

What was so bad about the holiday season? Well, it wasn't bad necessarily. It was just much. First, five days before Thanksgiving, Daniel and I flew to the Dominican Republic for a sort of mission trip. Which means the entire month (at least) before was filled with frantic planning and around 5 panic attacks a day about leaving my kids. Ahem. Issues. (Also? MUCH more on the trip soon. So much more. I'll give you fair warning so you can SETTLE IN). Then it was Thanksgiving. In case you're wondering if the holiday/grief situation was better this year? It wasn't. Mere days after Thanksgiving was my birthday. I was a basket case for at least a week. Also, during December I was subbing at the preschool for a teacher whose husband had surgery. And, it was not a class for the faint of heart. The assistant in that class is brand new and together we had approximately zero idea what we were doing. We had one main goal: everyone survives. That, friends, is what we call a low bar.

What seemed like five minutes later Christmas came swooping in. The funniest thing I did this year was cram every Christmas tradition we have into about three days. GIT R DONE was my cheery philosophy. Luckily, my kids were none the wiser and we did manage some merriment. Our Christmas shopping got off to a late start (which, I know...shocking) and two late night trips to WalMart were almost the straw that broke the back of my mental sanity. We are still dealing with the Santa element around here, which makes things complicated. Also, we have an Elf on the Shelf. And he pulls shenanigans every night. My proudest holiday accomplishment is that I didn't forget even one night. I can't say that I was always working "as to the Lord" with my attitude, but I did not have to lie to my children about why the Elf didn't pull shenanigans. I realize it's rich of me to be concerned about a lie when basically the whole thing is one big LIE. Whatever.

Those of you who've been reading here awhile know that my favorite day of the year is the day after Christmas. And it did not disappoint. I would tell you all about it, but considering I slept almost the whole day there is not much to tell.

I was so looking forward to the week after Christmas. Such a good time to decompress and hang out. Unless, you know, the entire family is sick. Then, it's fairly stressful. Crabby kids+mom who can't get off the couch=lots of sin nature. Mostly mine. There was a fair amount of irritation. AND THEN the polar vortex struck and school was out for a million more days, and my kids hated each other and OH MY WORD, WHERE IS THE SUN???? Boiling point, I think is what they call that.

We are finally settling back in to a routine of sorts, which is good for all my people. We are sorely missing walking to school. I'm constantly seeking out a sliver of sun to bask in/never leaving home because COLD.

I want you to know I did some {UN}afraid things today! I'll not bore you every time I do something that feels brave but in reality is, you know, normal. But, I will give you some updates about this little journey. It's good stuff-not of mine, but God's.

For tonight, though, I'm going to bask in the fact that I'm not packing any lunches. #livingthedream.

FYI-I also love a hashtag.


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