Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{UN} word of the year

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! I know. Worst blogger ever. Special love to my friends Ashley and Jinny who like to read my words and tell me so!! :)

I have a bajillion things to catch you up on. I've even made a schedule of topics to write about. Let's hope it works!

Today, though, I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm linking up on someone else's blog and writing about a specific topic. This is what you might call OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. But, I have been reading all week at Life in Grace and man, it is like a big megaphone right to where I am in my life currently. When I saw the link up today I decided to do it. Because it's fitting.

My {UN}word of the year is {UN}afraid.

Some of my earliest, strongest memories have to do with being afraid. I just hate that. I really think I was born with a penchant to be afraid. I don't know if it's genetic, generational, or coincidence, but it seems to be a common theme with lots of members of my family.

I have made some strides in this area over the past few years. That's the good news. The bad news is that God used some incredibly painful things in my life to chip away at the fear. I mean, I guess that's technically good news. Tell that to the me who was going through it! Ha!

It is clear that God is leading me to a place of deeper trust. I'm hoping He might have a different strategy this time around! I think that's probably completely irreverent, but it's totally honest!!

I'm watching and waiting and trying to live out of a place of deep faith in God. I'd love to think I could have complete victory over fear in my life!!

Wait patiently wait
God is never late;
Thy budding plans are in Thy Father's holding,

And only wait His grand divine unfolding.

Then wait, wait
Patiently wait
Trust, hopefully trust
That God will adjust
Thy tangled life, and from its dark concealings,

Will bring His will, in all its bright revealings.

Then trust, trust
Hopefully trust

[Confession: I wrote this in my notebook and I have no idea who said it!]

So, it is with some mild trepidation I launch into the year {UN}afraid. See what happened there? I'm mildly afraid of trying to be unafraid. Super.

I do hope to be back here much more often. So many good stories to tell!

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