Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Business News!!

Drew is taking care of business!!  He has now gone poop on the potty two times!!  The first time I kind of caught him in the middle and he finished up on the potty, but today-just now-he told me he had to go and told me he wanted to go on the potty.  So we went and he did it!!  I am so proud!

We are not actively potty training.  I know Drew well enough to know that I will definitely have to let him go at his own pace.  But he is definitely interested in sitting on the potty, and he tells me anytime he has to poo.  He still hasn't peed on the potty, and I'm not sure he gets that he's supposed to, but I'm in no hurry.  I'm just thrilled he isn't scared about it!

He definitely likes to hang out up there.  A while ago he wanted me to get him a book to look at while he was sitting there.  I'm including a picture.  Scout's honor it wasn't staged!  He wanted that book!  Ahhh.  A man and his throne.

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Mandie said...

Lucky you! Grace tells me when she has gone to the diaper, but is deathly afraid of the potty....I think I might have tramatized her when she was wearing her big girl panties and started to poop, and I started yelling "No, lets get to the potty" would think by the third I would learn....