Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

For heaven's sake.  October somehow turned into one of those months that jerks you around from one thing to another at blinding speed.  It snuck up on me, too.  I'm prepared for those kind of months in November and December, and usually May for some weird reason, but October??  Did not see that coming.  Therefore, I have literally had no time to blog.  So, I'm cramming two posts into one today, and really letting the pictures do most of the talking.  

In the midst of the crazy busyness we have made some great memories.  First, we went with the mom's club to visit the fire station.  It was so neat to see the trucks up close.  Drew and Lyla were still a little young to get the full appreciation, but they still had fun!

Next, we had Lyla's birthday weekend.  It was so fun to have all the family together.  While the dads played golf together, and Aunt Katy got ready for the party, Aunt Kristin, Grammy, and myself took the cousins to the pumpkin patch.  We went to Gentry's Farm just outside of Franklin and it was fantastic.  I wish we could go there year round!  Drew was a wild man the whole day.  He tried twice to run straight into the pond!!  He loved the hayride and the kids thought it was hilarious that the cows had poop all over their bottoms!  We saw animals and played in a hay maze and had snacks and played with chicken feed.  It was a great day!

It took me about a week to finish this post!!  We are hoping for a few weeks at a slower pace before the holidays roll around.  Even though I know it will be crazy, I'm starting to get excited!!  

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