Friday, March 13, 2009


...foiled again. I should've known better than to post about spring AND pack away all my winter clothes. No sooner had I done it, than the temperatures dropped a whopping 40 degrees in the span of one day!! I apologize to all of you around here-it's my fault. No more park for us this week.

We did take a little field trip on Thursday. We drove down to Murfreesboro for a date with Uncle Sam. He was on spring break AND had the day off from work. So, we played at the Discovery Center and ate at Chik-Fil-A. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Chik-Fil-A??? A lot. There is this plot of land for sale, right by McDonalds, one minute from my house that just screams out for a Chik-Fil-A. Anyway, we had a blast. Uncle Sam is the perfect playmate and it is so fun to have an extra set of hands around. Especially when someone does something like blow massive bubbles in their chocolate milk. I managed to keep the kids awake on the (horrendously rainy) drive home by giving them giant ice-cream cones. Whatever it takes, right?

Meanwhile, we had to turn the heat back on. THE HEAT! And not only did we have to turn it back on, but I think the heat is the culprit (or one of the culprits) behind my chronic sinus issues. I get so dried out and it causes some serious pain. I'm working all my best home remedies and as you can tell from all the whining, it's not getting better. I am a Neti pot addict and I've even been boiling mentholatum (which we have because my husband loves it. I mocked him for calling it mentholatum, like a Papaw, and lo and behold he brought home the little bottle with that very name on it...) on the stovetop, putting a towel over my head and deep breathing. I've cut back on my dairy intake (but haven't cut it out completely...too wimpy). And finally, today, I bought a cool mist humidifier for my room. It's sitting on my bedside table RIGHT by my head. We have sworn by the cool mist humidifier for Drew, and it really made a huge difference for him when he was tiny. Now I'm hoping it will work some magic on me!!

And honestly, if we could just turn the blasted heat off, it would help. I'm not bitter. Promise.

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