Friday, March 27, 2009

The Magic Chair

When I was in college I worked for Student Activities. Every Third Thursday we had a little coffee house/music event (remember, it's been a while since I was in college-coffee houses were very big back me!). There is a large number of performers who travel the college circuit and I got to meet some really neat artists. One guy we really liked was a quirky man named Del Suggs. I think he is still performing, actually. I saw him on one of my friend's facebook pages!! Anyway, Del had a song called "Magic Chair". This song is all about a chair at the beach that gets rid of all your cares. We used to joke about needing to take a time out in the "Magic Chair" back then. I even have some pictures of friends on the beach in a designated Magic Chair.

Well, as it turns out, we have our very own Magic Chair right here in Nashville.

Every now and then, a toy, etc., will become THE coveted thing. When it comes to the coveted item there is much fighting and gnashing of teeth. Our current love affair is with a folding Spider Man chair. Last summer Granna brought this little chair down for Drew and he liked sitting in it. Usually for about 5 seconds, which is about as long as he sat anywhere back in those days. I put the chair up for a while (this is a fun little trick when your constituency has very little long term memory. You pull the toy back out and it's like new!) When I pulled the Spider Man chair back out a few weeks ago, Drew flipped out. He looks like a total dude laid back in the chair (sometimes putting his hands behind his head!)

Yesterday, the battle royale was on over the chair. Lyla brought it outside and Drew was irate that I wouldn't let him steal it from her. After her turn, Drew got in the chair and then proceeded to try to scoot the chair around the deck to do various activities so he wouldn't have to get up, leaving an opening for Lyla to get back in the chair! It was hilarious! He was sitting in the chair, bent over, trying to color with chalk!!

Later in the evening when we went outside (after Lyla had gone home) this is what Drew and I saw:

THE CAT WAS SITTING IN THE CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Even Drew knew that was funny!

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