Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me Monday!

If I had music on my blog, it would now be playing circus music. The fun continues, and I continue to do ridiculous thing after ridiculous thing. So check out all the things I certainly didn't do, and head here for more Not Me! fun.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm on a grandaddy of an elimination diet. And, please, I'm handling it fine. Which is why I do not have repeated dreams about food, and certainly not one about a fried pie from the grocery store. I also would never stoop to taking a big giant whiff of Drew's Sunny D. Not me! I don't mind eating five foods for days on end.

I got out for a little bit on Sunday and ran to the used bookstore (one of my favorite places on Earth). I'm totally cool and collected when I venture out in public and I definitely did not have a complete moment of panic at the register thinking I had left the baby in the car.

Last but not least, we are the epitome of hygiene around here, which is why I would NEVER repeatedly forget to bathe my new baby. She's squeaky clean, for sure!!


Jenna said...

I came over via MckMomma! I always have dreams of eating cookies and cakes and pies...i can really taste and smell them in my dreams too....makes me wonder if i'm driving to the store in my sleep and eating pies and cakes...maybe that's why I can't loose weight!

Jenilee said...

I LOVE bookstores!!! :) my husband and I both love books. we have way too many!