Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Junk

Holy cow, it's December. I have no idea how this happened. Between living in the fog, and October and November switching places this year, it just all snuck up on me! It has been pretty warmish for the past few weeks, and then, on Monday-BRRRRR!! Yesterday there was frost on the grass. Drew needed to know everything about frost and why it was there. I'm learning that I'm fairly stupid. I have a hard time explaining even the simplest scientific phenomena to my almost 3 year old.

What I don't have a hard time talking about to him is CHRISTMAS!!! Oh, how I love Christmas time. And really, honestly, I love the days leading up to Christmas even more than I love Christmas. The decorations have started going up around the neighborhood (but not around here-Daniel has a strict Dec. 1 policy and so far we have not had time to get the decor going...) including the giant blow-up Tigger and Santa, made famous last year. Drew was so excited to see them, but had no recollection of the love affair he had with them last year. Said neighbors have added quite a bit of "decor" to their lawn this year. Here is what Drew had to say about it, "Whoa. Look at all that junk!" Well said, my son, well said. I plan to take pictures of the tackiest yards I can find and posting them here. Let me know if you see one that is particularly heinous. Even better, take a picture and send it to me!

Today Drew and I got his Christmas box down from the attic. It was like he got a whole box of new stuff! He didn't remember any of it. It's that way with all of Christmas-it's like it's all new to him again. So much fun! I think this is probably the last year it will be that way.

We are having a really hard time knowing what to get Drew for Christmas this year. The only thing he wants is the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Oh, and some Cars stickers. I know I should be thankful he is not greedy (yet) and isn't dying for a Zhu Zhu pet or whatever other ridiculous toy everyone is fighting over this year, but it sure makes it hard!! Every time we ask him he says something like "I want Daddy for Christmas" or he names a toy he already has. Wonder how long we can keep him in the dark about asking for presents???

Hope you make the most of the season! Drink some salted caramel hot chocolate for me!!

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