Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to "Normal"

Bellevue had a quiet weekend-well, weather wise-anyway. On Friday it was hot as blue blazes (which is very hot for all of you non-southerners!) but Saturday and Sunday were unseasonably cool, and all I could think about was what a blessing it was for all of those doing manual labor all day. Churches all over the city mobilized what I would wager to be thousands of volunteers. Big Dan spent Saturday morning at El Shaddai church-a Spanish speaking congregation that our church partners with. The church, at it's worst, had five feet of water in the sanctuary. Later, he was called over to an elderly woman's house. No one had been to her home since the day of the flood. Needless to say, the mold had set in. I'm trying to get Big Dan to do a guest post about his experience. He's reluctant. No idea why!!! Ha!

Meanwhile, I was stuck in some kind of weird inertia all weekend. I just couldn't get moving in any area. Finally, I sorted out my feelings and realized that the thought of going back to my normal life just seemed so wrong. How can I just go about my business when so many will be struggling for least?? Then I realized that I'm not doing anyone any good just sitting around feeling weird. So I decided to work towards getting us back into our routine, while keeping my ear to the ground for ways we can help.

So today we got back to "normal". And, if you know us at all, you know "normal" is anything but! Our washing machine is broken. I spent Saturday on the phone with my Dad (who is an appliance guy, remember??) and he talked me through the diagnostics. Luckily, it was just some leaky hoses causing the problems. Which, if I'm really honest with you I was kind of hoping it was something fatal that would allow me the freedom to push my washing machine off a cliff and get a brand spanking new one. No such luck. We have one of the hoses repaired. Mostly. And the other hose is on its' way. Poor Emily had no clean p.j.s so I headed to Lana's to wash some clothes. Good thing she loves me!

Big Dan bought Drew a dvd with all four original Super Man movies on it. He is super enthralled with them. And I kept getting sucked in, too. I realized why I was so sad when Christopher Reeve died. Those movies are great. So, I've been in "distress" all day, but luckily Superman lives right here in my own house, so I'm constantly getting saved! But, if I have to change out a Batman outift for a Superman outfit one more time, I'm going to have to get all Wonder Woman on somebody. Just sayin'...

Back to "normal", but the reminders remain. Our prayers are still going up, asking God to bless all those who are struggling with their own new "normal".

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