Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When You Become a Mom

This seems like kind of an obvious thing. It seems clear that once you conceive a child, you become a mom. But somehow, there's also this part of it that creeps up on you.

I did a lot of baby sitting back in the day. A lot. In fact, even after Big Dan and I were married we had a couple of families that we still baby sat for when the parents were gone for weekends and the like. And you do a lot of mom-like things when you babysit. But, after those two or three or four days, the real parents come back and you go back to your cush life that you don't even realize is cush.

When you're the mom, no one comes to take over!!

There have been a few moments over the past 3 and almost a half years where something happens and I go, "Wow. I'm really the mom here."

The first such moment for me came the first time I had a bottle of pink bubble gum medicine in my refrigerator. I went to retrieve something from the fridge (why does fridge have a "d" but refrigerator doesn't?? maybe because "fridge" is not a word...) and when I opened up the door, there was a bottle of antibiotics in my fridge. In my fridge. I must be a mom now. I am the possessor of amoxicillin. It doesn't get any more mom than that.

I remember the first time I heard a kid say, "Look! That's Drew's mommy!" To the kids in Drew's class I only exist as Drew's mommy.

Anytime I fill out any kind of form relating to my kids it kind of drives home the point. Parent's Name:______________ Yeah, turns out that's me.

When we went to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt this year Drew participated in a "hopping" contest. I got teary eyed. Don't judge! It was his first race. And, ONLY something a mom would get teary about. What? Not all moms, only sappy ones like me? Fine. But still, it was a moment of "That's MY child. In a race." Sniff.

To say the emotions that come along with being a mom are overwhelming would be a major understatement. It can be all consuming. Sometimes, though, that girl you were before taps on your heart. She can't believe how old you are. Or that you, crazy old you, are really a mom.


Katy said...

i heard somewhere the other day a comment that at the exact same moment your first child is born, a mother is born as well. two people never existed before then. i think that's kind of amazing and it allows me to cut myself some slack. i'm only 3 in mom years! i don't even know better most of the time. anyway, i'm sure it was from glee, or how i met your mother, or something equally as deep, but i thought i would share because it kind of struck a chord with me.

Paula said...

Kelly~I have played catch up about the last 5 or so post. I really liked the posting about the flood. It was so personal and heartfelt, which we do not get here on WBIR on there 2 minute segment. So thank you!! I have prayed and prayed for all those people.

And YES!! I get teary eyed over it ALL!! That IS being a MOMMY!!!