Monday, December 6, 2010

What the?


It's been a sweet forever since I've posted anything on here. And it would appear that my background has gone away. Freakin' technology.

Life has And that's really all I have to say about that. So, I haven't been blogging but thought I'd pop in and let you know we're all still breathing.

My kids continue to be utterly hilarious and I really need to try to check in and get some stories on here. Emily is a full blown walker now and she thinks she is the sass. We watch "The Goodnight Show" every night in that last (painful) hour before bed and we are treated to the Pillow Pet commercial at least 6 times each night. She goes beserk each time and last week her Daddy brought her home a lady bug Pillow Pet and she WIGGED out. Her personality is so big and so funny. And, yes, I'm a tad biased. she is talking up a storm and pretty much repeats anything you say. You should hear her say "Bye". She's more southern than anyone I know, dragging out that "Bye" into around 27 syllables. "Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeee" And now she'll tell me "Byyyyyyyyyyyye" and walk out of the room and crack up. She also thinks it's a real hoot to do things she's not supposed to and say, "Nooo nooo". Hilarious until she's turned off the TV for the 10th time and Drew is apoplectic.

Speaking of Drew. That kid kills on a regular basis. Saturday we had his birthday party and THE REAL BATMAN came. Pictures are coming soon. They are awesome.

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