Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hungry Hippos

Don't you hate it when you wake up with the same headache you went to sleep with? Me too. I went to bed obscenely early on Thursday night because I had a massive splitter. Splitter is my word for a horrible headache. One of those when you take more than the recommended dose of pain reliever and it doesn't matter one bit. You might as well have taken sugar pills. I thought for sure if I just went to sleep it would be gone. Nope. Oh the insult to still have it in the a.m. I was not sure whether it was allergy related or caffeine related. I failed to take my allergy medicine and had no caffeine on Thursday. I have no idea why I skipped caffeine. I have dubbed 2011 as the year of caffeine. Yes, I'm addicted. No, I don't care one bit. So, first thing Friday morning I took an allergy pill and drank a large glass of tea. My headache was gone in approximately 30 minutes.

We had a great day at summer school. I feel so blessed that God is allowing me to be home with my kiddos and still make some extra money. Every day I thank Him for providing for me in such profound ways. I think the kids are having a good time and I think all the mamas are happy. It's early days, so I'm hoping I don't run out of fun ideas. Our afternoon outside time is not popular because guessed it...THE HEAT! I'm thinking I'm going to have to institute daily water play. I hope I don't use up all my hard earned cash-ola on my water bill!!

In the meantime, my children are eating me out of house and home. I'm going to have to increase my grocery budget by approximately a kabillion dollars. Drew has entered the land of eating like a growing boy. This is my first experience with this phenomenon. He has started asking for seconds at dinner (which, before I had to beg him to finish his plate) and will eat an entire lunch of sandwich, veggies and fruit and want a whole other lunch. And will eat it all. He says to me about 76 times a day, "I'm so hungry!" And he definitely requires a bedtime snack. No idea where he gets that from... And I know he's really hungry because he's just as willing to eat healthy stuff as he is junk food. It's astounding really, and does not bode well for the teenage years. I might need to buy a deep freeze and start stocking it now.

Last but not least, the goggles were a success! He did not obsess and swam like a fish during our pool session. And, put back in its proper place of late afternoon, our day was much better. We are, as they say, creatures of habit.

I hope you don't mind my mundane ramblings-you know where I can write 100 words just about my headache. Turns out when I'm not around grown-ups for days at a time, the words get all built up! AND, biggest shout out to my soul sister Jen, her husband Greg and their BRAND NEW BABY, Jack!!! I'm sad I haven't had my hands on him yet. He is a picture of God's extravagance, that's for sure!! Love you Jen and Greg!!!

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