Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Meelllllttttinnnnggg...

Let's just get this out of the way: THE HEAT. Are you kidding me? It's barely double digits in JUNE and it's already pushing 100 everyday. There's been all sorts of talk about record breaking and the like. I've done really well with my attitude about this. Until yesterday. Yesterday I hit some sort of wall. I think it was a combo of crabby kids, a massive headache, and have I mentioned, THE HEAT???

We've had a great week. We had the day off on Wednesday and met our good friends at the now famous Dragon Park. It was a great time and I'm learning some new tricks to keep Drew cool, which in turn makes everyone's life easier. The kid loves to play, and play hard. There came a definite time of "We'd better go right now" and I'm learning more and more about taking that cue right away. I'm sometimes tempted to push it, especially when I'm having fun with my friend! And of course, we did more swimming that afternoon.

Yesterday we switched things up a little bit. Tuesday, when we were at the library, they announced "Wildlife on Wheels" was coming to the library on Thursday. Well, Drew tuned in and definitely wanted to do it. It's a little program the zoo does-bringing around some animals for the kids to check out. I just could not bring myself to go. When we were there for story time it was complete pandemonium. And I teach preschool, so I have quite the threshold for tiny people going bananas. So, I bribed Drew and told him we would go swimming two times yesterday. It worked. Yes, I'm shameless.

We were almost the only ones at the pool yesterday and Drew swam his little heart out. He's having a blast. I love it. However, he started opening his eyes under the water, and as you know, this can lead to some PAIN. So, instead of heading back to the pool yesterday afternoon, we went to Target to get some Spiderman goggles. I'm concerned about the goggles, I'll be honest. He could easily get completely obsessed with how they feel and it could all go down in flames. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I think it is our afternoon trip to the pool that makes the late afternoon heat bearable. Our house gets really warm by about 4:00. We had it checked out last summer and our units are just fine. I'm pretty sure it's something like "You need to replace every window in your home" kind of a thing, and frankly, well, it ain't happening. So. We sweat. I was a little delirious last night, so we ended up in my bedroom with me getting a check-up from the kids and the Elmo doctor kit. The good news is I only weigh 25 minutes. The bad news is, I have a bad ear and my heart is now located in my lower abdomen.

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