Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bring the Noise

Dang Curious George and his homemade instruments. We had quite the "off" day yesterday, and I'm blaming the monkey.

I was barely awake, knocking around the kitchen, and the next thing you know, Drew is pilfering the recycling bin. He was dragging out milk cartons and paper towel tubes and JUNK. I was frustrated already, and so I said, "Why? WHY are you dragging all of that stuff out?" I was trying to clean up the kitchen and kick start myself into summer school mode.

"I need to make some instruments mom." I agreed that it sounded like fun, but suggested that RIGHT NOW was perhaps not the best time. Cue early morning meltdown. "Mom. I.JUST.WANT.TO.MAKE.MUSIC!!!" For the love.

It was pretty much this same idea over and over and over all day long. The grand finale was a huge fit that resulted in a major consequence. Don't we all hate a consequence...

After summer school, and after dinner, I attempted to regroup. "Let's play outside", I said. I was hoping to clean out the wreck-mobile while the kids had fun frolicking outside. There was no frolicking. Drew had a massive "motorcycle" wreck, which resulted in bleeding and mass hysteria. This prompted a big drama fest from Emily, just because she does not like to be outdone.

Thank goodness I ended the day at book club. You know, with grown-ups? Turns out a crazy day was going around. It's always reassuring to hear that your child's behavior is "normal" and they are not on the fast track to juvy. And there were cookies. Dipped in chocolate. Which always sets all things right in my world.

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