Thursday, December 20, 2012

Give! Him! Six!

Disclaimer: It feels wrong to move right along to posting about birthdays and parties when the long line of funerals is just beginning in CT.  I'm not sure what else to do, though.  So, I'm moving along with stories here, but my heart is still with Friday.  Praying for the whole town of Newtown today.

This guy is SIX.  Six years old.  I'm flabbergasted.  In the blink of an eye he went from three years old to six.  I could not be more proud of the young man he is.  I post plenty of antics here, so bear with me while I brag.  Again.  Drew is a kind, compassionate and very conscientious boy.  And while he is introverted, he has a heart to be a good friend to others.  His heart is often heavy because he is a feeler.  He is learning how to manage his feelings.  He works VERY hard at school and is an A student!  He loves to read and is very excited he gets to participate in the AR reading program at his school. (Nobody tell him his mother pretty much despises the AR program!!  She's a snob anyway!) He is a great helper in his classroom and is a HUGE help to me at home.  Emily could not have a better big brother.

His tender heart makes him ripe for growing spiritually.  He loves church and he loves to have discussions about God.  Like all of us, he has had a hard time reconciling Grammy's death with the goodness of God.  I pray for his faith everyday, that it would grow and he would learn to see God's love in all areas of his life.

To celebrate all this greatness, we had a football birthday party at our house on Saturday.  He decided he wanted to have a party at home because he likes it when I put up decorations! Ha! THANK GOODNESS the rain held off.  There were 19 kids here and they had total blast!  Drew is so blessed to have very sweet kids in his class.  The boys played football for a long time while the girls played in the playroom.  We made pennant flags and all the kids (girls and boys) loved doing this.

As always, I was more stressed than you should be about a child's birthday party!  And I got exactly zero pictures.  Well, except for one picture of the fabulous cookies Aunt Katy made:

It is so handy to be related to the cookie lady!!  (THANK YOU KATY!)

I wish I had a picture of how clean my house was.  And you all know it wasn't me who made that happen!  Kristin was here and she worked her "Hints from Heloise" magic and the place has never looked better.  It just confirmed what we all know-I need a maid! =)

Drew had a blast.  And as always, a birthday weekend always includes lots of cousin time!  He has cried twice this week because he is missing Weston!  Drew got lots of really cool presents for his birthday, including some nerf guns.  The boys and Big Dan had a huge nerf fight on Sunday.  I have spent the last week rescuing nerf darts from various "high places".  Here's hoping Santa brings some extra darts!

As the grand finale to birthday weekend, Drew and Big Dan went to see the Titans play for Monday Night Football.  Any given Monday night you will find Drew and Big Dan sitting on the family room floor in front of the TV watching the game.  On commercials you will find them practicing passing and catching.  You will find me hoping they don't throw a football through the glass door! So, for them to BE at an actual game was one of those forever memories.

Currently, Drew has a party hangover like nothing you've ever seen!  Thankfully, his Christmas break has arrived.  If I had my way, I'd make him nap from now until Christmas morning.  He does not support that idea!

So proud of my boy.  It is the epitome of bittersweet to watch him grow up.  And this week especially, I'm thankful for every single moment I get to spend with him.  Even when he's declaring me the meanest mom ever!

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