Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summa Time

We are well into summer and I just have to tell you, it's pretty much the best summer I've had in a really long time. There are just so many reasons for this, but regardless of the reasons, I'm in love with summer.

First, the weather has been just downright delightful. It's the last week of June and it's just now making me sweat. I mean, last year, before school was even out I couldn't stand to be outside because of all the hot. This year, it's been less humid and breezy. I don't know what's up with all the breeze in Nashville right now, but I'm totally digging it. My son would live his entire life outside. His blonde highlights and brown skin are a testament to what he's been doing this summer.

Second, the pace? Slow. We made the decision not to put Drew in any camps this summer, which goes against the collective mentality here in Nashville. Some people put their kids in camp every week. When it came down to it, though, I just didn't want to have to be on the clock. The thing I hated most about the school year was the scramble to get out the door on time in the mornings. And listen, I did all the tricks-prepping the night before, routines, etc., and it still just felt stressful everyday. I wanted to take a break from the rat race. And we have done just that. I am getting up early (which, I know is not like me at all!) to work, then we go do some sort of activity, I work some more during rest time and then we usually head to the pool. It's just a dream to be able to work and fit in tons of summer fun at the same time. I hope you will get tired of me talking about how thankful I am for my job. Because I should say it everyday. Blessed.

Third, my kids are best friends. This summer has marked the turning of the corner in many ways, and this way is my favorite. Emily is now big enough to really play with her brother. They have been so good to play great together while I am working. I love listening to what they are doing. And, yes, sometimes at the end of the day when I go upstairs the place looks like a frat party has just happened. But it's just so darn hard to care when they have had a total blast with each other all day. Don't get me wrong-they are siblings. There is fighting and grumpy days and attitude. But, I've been working to be very intentional about teaching them to work out their conflicts on their own, without tattling. This has been a hard lesson. But, because I'm starting to get some of my brain back, I've been able to be a little more consistent. When I listen to them solve a problem on their own, apologize without prompting, and move on, I want to stand up and clap. Sort of like how I feel when they eat salad.

Drew starts back to school at the very beginning of August and I already dread it. I know that I will always look back on this summer and wish we could go back. It's a little pocket of time that is pretty dang close to perfect.

Here's a little peak at some of what we've been doing:
*Free doughnut day! We ate our free doughnuts and then took in a movie. (Sorry about the poor quality of this picture. Insert some kind smart photo talk here.)

*We are getting in plenty of pool time! This picture shows our favorite "drying off" activity-a rousing game of "would you rather?'

*At Bicentennial Park splash ground. SO many fun (free) things to do around Nashville! 

*And then there's this. For which I have no words. Girlfriend has rocked her winter boots all summer long. Whatevs, baby sis, whatevs.

I hope you are having the best summer ever. Because I think we might be. And now I'm hoping I haven't just jinxed us!!

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