Monday, June 24, 2013

The Kids-Part 2

I swear. Every time I think I'm back on the regular blogging bandwagon, well, I'm not. We are having a FABULOUS summer and I really want to tell you all about it. First, I gotta finish what I started.

Here is Emily on her last day of school!!! There are so many words I could say about this child! She has rounded the corner to 3 and a half, and if you've never lived with a 3 and a half year old child, well, let's just say it is an adventure!

She is 100% all girl. She changes her clothes approximately 400 times a day and would wear my high heels in public if I would let her. (Yes, I have some high heels. Like two pair...) She is my child who does all the things you hear parents talk about. Changing her clothes, saying loud, embarrassing things, hurting herself-a lot. She is spunky, and sassy, but oh so sweet.

She ADORES her big brother and she is so lucky that he adores her right back. And while she may keep him on his toes, she is also the first one to comfort him if he is hurt or sad.

Emily is downright hilarious. She says and does funny things all the time. Her latest saying is, "Well, hello fuzzy!" I'm not even sure where she heard that!

She had a great year in preschool and staying with my friend, Robin. Thankfully, she is very sweet in a classroom setting. Just last week I got to see this in action. She took a little dance class (pics to come) and I was able to watch her through this little window while she was in class. I felt a little dorky-most of the others moms were laid back and chit-chatting, but I couldn't stop watching her. I feel like it was a chance to see her in a way I haven't before. I almost cried the whole time. Sap alert! She was a good listener and watched her teacher so closely. It was super sweet. She also slept in her "ballet outfit" every night. Bless.

Towards the end of school her behavior was WAY out of whack. At first, I attributed it to her being run ragged by our end of the year schedule. But, the more I watched and talked with friends, I began to realize she had some stomach issues going on. Every single time this happens I feel so dumb. Why, after 6 years of dealing with this garbage, does it take me so long to realize what's happening?? It is usually after talking out loud about it that it dawns on me. The dairy devil strikes again. This was about our fourth attempt at getting Emily on the dairy wagon. She does great for a few months and then one day, all the wheels just fall right off. This is a lot of fun. Like, lay in the floor screaming over everything kind of fun. Like, not wanting to eat anything but hot dogs kind of fun. Like, ohmywordhowmuchlongertilbedtime kind of fun. She was in trouble almost every day. It's those moments as a parent when you finally just have to say, "Look. Something isn't right."

It was a testament to how bad she was feeling that she was totally on board with cutting dairy back out of her diet. That was about three weeks ago, and she is feeling so much better. In fact, it's like someone who needs anti-depressants, then feels better and thinks, "Oh good, I don't need to take these any more because I feel awesome." I keep reminding her the reason she feels better is because she's not eating ice-cream cones. Which, is easy for a three year old to get. Only it's not.

Anyway, all of that to say, life is like a dream now. Seriously. My sweet, smart, loving little girl is taking center stage, in front of the little troll who had been hanging around. She still has those 3 and half year old tendencies, but she is much more able to control her emotions. And, as with any female, this is a good thing.

It is my absolute joy having a daughter. I have no idea whether I'm getting it right, but I pray for grace everyday to be the kind of mom Emily needs. I am so excited to have the next two years with her. I'm excited she has two years before kindergarten. I plan to soak up every single drop of her Emily-ness between now and then.

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