Monday, November 18, 2013

Not a humbug

I'm here to clear up some misconceptions that are floating around about me.

I am not a Christmas hater.

In fact, I love Christmas. I love the music, and the smells and the festivities and the wonder and of course, the baby Jesus.

I love Christmas.

When it's Christmas time.

I do not love Christmas when it's two weeks past Halloween and I'm still trying to enjoy my favorite season, which goes by way too fast in Tennessee as it is. It takes Tennessee a solid month to get its weather sorted out for fall time. There are just too few nip in the air, blue in the sky, color in the leaves days to go giving ANY of them away to Christmas.

I love Fall. I love the month of November. It feels like the deep breath month. After the rush of the start of school, and before the rush of Christmas, November is a chance to take a deep breath and just be for a minute. I am a fan of "just being".

I want to savor every moment of fall leaves and pumpkins and squash and my favorite color palette-orange and brown. It would be inappropriate to be relishing that stuff come December 1, so I have to use up every last drop of November to cherish it.

Therefore, when my grocery store decides they will only stock Christmas patterned paper towels in their store brand? Nope. I bought name brand paper towels for the first time in at least a year. And I didn't buy napkins at all.

So. Here's to the few and the proud, still standing up for their autumn loving rights. Take a breath friends, take a breath.

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