Friday, April 3, 2009

Entering the technology age

You might notice a few things are different around here! I'm finally starting to learn a little bit about personalizing my blog. To this point, the blog was the basic format you get when you sign up. I am supremely technologically challenged, so it's pretty impressive that I managed to copy and paste some html codes (whatever the heck that means) and change things up a little bit.

The two "buttons" (this is cool web speak for pictures you can click on that take you to another site) over there ------> are for two things I care about very much. First, Amazima ministries is a ministry to orphans and poor children in Uganda started and run by a 20 year old girl from Brentwood!! I encourage you to read her story. We had the awesome opportunity to meet her and she is a force to be reckoned with. God is using her in amazing ways in Uganda. Second, Gavin is the son of a woman I met on the reflux support board I have been a part of since Drew was diagnosed. Carla (the mom) and her two kids both have a disease called mastocytosis, and in Gavin's case it is life threatening. She is a wonderful woman, who trusts the Lord, and is in such a hard place. I know she would love for you to join in praying for Gavin.

I have a few little tricks I'm going to try to learn. I know you'll all be waiting, holding your breath, to see what genius things I come up with. Good thing I'm not sarcastic...

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jon. said...

You're blog looks so good!!! I am seriously impressed.