Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Finish Line

I'm in bed and it's around 9 p.m.  You know why?  I don't have any homework!!  It's only because I am between courses, but no homework is no homework!  This summer schedule is nothing short of brutal. I'm sorry I keep talking about it, but it sort of invades my every waking thought.  And sometimes my sleeping thoughts.

I finished up my course on Interdisciplinary Methods, which is a fancy way of saying "How to teach Science and Social Studies".  I liked the class, had a really good professor.  And it's not like it's brain science.  The material itself is not hard.  It's the time frame.  I'm all for making a science board game and planning a pretend field trip if I have more than five minutes to get it done.  Throw in a scholarly presentation (yes, ANOTHER powerpoint) on "Lecture", and you have one toasty brain.

Last week was the wrap-up week, meaning all of my assignments were coming due.  Wrap-up week equals, the house looks like someone picked it up and shook it, I'm up until way past midnight every night, the kids are strung out, and I have anxiety dreams all.night.long about talking too long during a presentation.  I told my professor on Saturday morning that he and I had a very lively debate all through the night.

When class was over (2 hours early!) on Saturday, I had one assignment still due.  It was not due until Monday at midnight, but I'm here to tell you I hightailed it over to the library and got that sucker done.  I was determined to walk off the campus with nothing left to do for the week.

I knew if I could just hang on through three classes of preschool Sunday school on Sunday, I was home free.  I made it (barely-that third service keeps running a little longer each week...) and shortly thereafter slipped into what can only be described as a semi-conscious state.  I had promised Big Dan the day off and instead he got to referee children upstairs while I drooled on the couch for more than a couple of hours.  My dad declared that a major Father's Day "party foul" had occurred.  I know he's right.  It wasn't in my plan, exactly, but that's the way it happened.

So.  I'm relishing a week to get caught up on laundry and straighten up the piles around my house. (You didn't really think I'd get RID of the piles did you?)

And, GET EXCITED!  Tomorrow's post will have real, live pictures.  Albeit ones I took with my phone but photos nonetheless.  Just because I'm a maxed out grad student doesn't mean we haven't been having all the fun!

I'm off to do something super mindless.  Like cruise Pinterest or watch Netflix.  For approximately 10 minutes before I fall asleep!

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