Monday, June 11, 2012

Some felt, clips, and a big purple dog

Today is the first day  I didn't have a massive agenda.  Not because I'm all caught up, but just because nothing is absolutely urgent.  So, I wanted to make time for the kids today-do something summery and fun.  I will admit that I may or may not have had a tiny bit of trouble getting out of bed this morning.  Tiny bit.  However, I have become fairly adept at determining the point just before things turn real "Lord of the Flies" downstairs.  I try to get up and head that off when possible.  I feel a lot of pressure to be that mom who is up before her kids cooking breakfast and having quiet time.  Considering my son gets up some days before the sun?  And I can't go to bed at 7:30 p.m.?  I'm not exactly there yet...

So, getting back to all the fun today.  I told Drew we would go to the local library and get him his very own library card.  We cleaned out a tote bag and converted it into his official library bag.  In response, Emily took over a tote and put two key items inside-lip gloss and an ipod.  (Note: she carried the bag all around the library, reapplying her gloss as needed)

When we got to the library, I could tell right away there was some sort of hullabaloo brewing.  Lots of kids and noise, which, you know, isn't exactly typical at the local library.  Then I noticed a guy with a guitar and a headset mic.  I got sort of excited-had I stumbled onto a super good time without even meaning to? As soon as we got the card procured we headed over to the puppet show area (by now there had been an announcement).  This guy looked so official with his guitar and his headset mic.  He even bounded to the back, checking his equipment because he was hoping to record the performance.

Ya'll.  Kids are fairly easy to entertain, but this was an insult to kids everywhere.  There was a purple dog and a "litter bug" and "Curby" the recycling can.  The guy was somewhere between an amateur puppeteer and a beginner ventriloquist.  He pronounced all of his b's as d's.  For example, he said how great it was to be in "Dellevue"  instead of "Bellevue" where we actually live.  It all got a little confusing when the kids thought it was a "litter dog" instead of a "litter bug".  "Mom, why does that dog look like a bug?"  It was painful.  I finally let Drew get up and start looking at books.

In case you were hoping to make a career out of puppeteering, apparently all it takes is some large sheets of felt, some giant binder clips and some trash.  You'll be good to go.

Don't let the litter dog get you down.

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