Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baking Cabinet Clean Out

Hold on to your hats, kids, because this is going to be one of the most exciting posts you've ever read. That's right. Today I am chronicling for you why it was necessary to clean out my baking cabinet/drawer. You might think a baking cabinet would not need to be cleaned out. And if you think that, you haven't met me.

Exhibit A:

Two bottles of molasses. Let me tell you how many times I've used molasses. Approximately 1. Good thing I've got plenty.

Exhibit B:

Two varieties of corn syrup. Light or dark. You have a choice, you see. These bottles hail from Drew's baby days and an effort to try and get "things" moving. I never did feel great about putting CORN SYRUP in my child's bottle. Glad I only did it once or twice. It never worked for us anyway. We're big fans of good old fashioned prune juice!

Exhibit C:

Four canisters of baking powder. FOUR. For the love, why do I have FOUR canisters of baking powder. They were all in different states of use, including one that had not even been opened. Have mercy.

And finally, the grand finale:

A barely used bag of soy flour. This may not seem villainous at first, but you should know the back story. See that plastic baggie on top of the barely used soy flour?? Yeah. I put that baggie there when we were moving. You know, FIVE YEARS AGO. I didn't know that I even knew about soy flour five years ago!! And what on earth was I making with it?? Clearly, not much.

So, today, just in case you're having a low self-esteem day, be assured, you're no where near as crazy as I am!

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Paula said...

Kel~I will do this now and's awful what I hoard. I found like 10 cans of cream of mushroom soup...ALL but one can say, been there, done that!! ;-)