Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Day of School

Well. I was just simply not prepared. I was not prepared to feel just as emotional on Drew's last day of school as I was on his first day of school. Too bad, because I was super emotional. First of all, Drew LOVES his teachers. Loves them. Talks about them all the time. And for the past few months he would ask every day, "Is it a school day?" and when I would say no, he would be totally bummed. This is a major change from the beginning of the year. I almost couldn't bring myself to tell him that they would not be his teachers any more. It has been a full week out of school, and again today he asked me if we could go "check on" Mrs. Judy. I mean, really.

I was a wreck about taking him to school. I felt guilty. And that was really lame, because school is one of the best things to ever happen to him. He is so much more confident. And while he still likes to play by himself, he is much more likely to play with someone else. I really have loved hearing about the way he is when i am not around. I sort of wish they had that special FBI glass so I could watch him without him knowing!

On his last day I let him pick out flowers for his teachers. He picked roses-two different colors-pink for one teacher, peach for the other. Apparently he knew which one would like which, because he remained consistent in his decision up to time of delivery! He was BEAMING. It was priceless.

Anyway. What a great year for Drew at school. School gave him some stability and predictability when Baby Sis hit the scene and wreaked some havoc for a few months. He had a teacher who loved him, who got him, and who brought out the best in him. His first little class and his first little school. See? Emotional.

HUGE thanks to Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Fran for a fabulous year!

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