Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anatomy Lesson

We have been having many discussions about "pecs" at my house lately. As in, pectoral muscles? Yeah. This all started because all super hero action figures are quite built-as you would expect for men of steel. Their pecs are rather large. Much bigger than any actual man we know. So, naturally, Drew started referring to them by the name of girl parts in this region. I'll not be using the term. Heaven forbid someone googling that word lands here!! Big Dan let him know that on guys those parts are actually called pecs. The whole thing has been very confusing.

A few days ago I came downstairs after getting dressed and Drew exclaimed, "Mom, you have huge pecs." Um. I'm pretty sure I just stared at him because, well, there are no words. I am an extremely modest person. Or a prude. Or whatever. The truth is I'm not comfortable talking body parts with my 4 year old. I really try to play it cool, though. I try to make it so it's no big deal. I just answer matter of fact and try to move on. But on the inside? DYING. He has said some really...wow...kind of stuff.

Imagine my delight as I explained (matter-of-factly and not sweating or freaking out) that Emily would not grow pecs until she was a teenager. And I did not use the word pecs, just to be clear. After explaining that big pecs on men are a result of working out (and leaving out the probability of steroid use...), I would not be surprised if Drew starts asking for a set of weights.

Big pecs. It's what you always dream your child will aspire to...

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