Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend News

I sure wish I could stay up late enough to watch Saturday Night Live. It doesn't help one bit that I now live in the Central Standard Time Zone. And also, do you like how I still pretend I'm new to Nashville. I've lived here almost 6 years. It feels like 6 months still.

Anyway. Sometimes on nights when I can't sleep I get a little bit excited because I am up late enough to watch the Jimmy Fallon show. Have you seen it?? It is hilarious. I mean, HILARIOUS. If I had Tivo it would be at the top of my list.

None of that has anything to do with the the actual content of the post. Forgive me.

We had a rainy, stay-at-home weekend this weekend. I was a little worried it might cause some stir-craziness, but I guess we've had enough time outside that a couple of days home and we're still ok. I did build a fort and insist on some "trampoline time", but otherwise all was well. Funny side note-I've been letting Drew stay up late on the weekends and we watch t.v. in my bed. We don't have cable up there, so we're pretty much stuck with whatever's on, and sometimes it ends up being Joel Osteen because anything on network is way too adult for Drew. One night "Hairspray" was on, and can I just say, he loved it??!! He still asks to watch it regularly. Ha! So, last night "King Kong" was on and we were watching a little bit of it at the end. He was watching King Kong run around crazy and he said, "Mommy, I think he needs some trampoline time".

Today I was sitting at my computer and Emily sauntered into the kitchen, looked up at me and said, "Hi, Mom!" HI MOM???? What are you, 12?? I cracked up. You can so tell that she loves being able to talk. She has also started singing, which is super cute. She is very shy about most things, though, so you kind of have to catch her doing it without her knowing.

Drew has a CD player in his room to play music at night to help him get to sleep. Today I was putting away laundry and he said, "Mom come here! I need to show you something. It's very fancy!" Um, very fancy? Alright. I went into his room and he said, "Listen, it's cowboys singing!" And he was right. He had switched the CD player from CD function to AM radio and was broadcasting the Grand Ole Opry in his room. He was very proud. And I must say, that is pretty fancy!

We are crossing our fingers for pretty weather tomorrow so we can hike right after school.

Wishing ya'll a great week!

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