Friday, March 11, 2011

Copy Cat

Well, we've crossed over another preschool threshold. Did you know it is HILARIOUS to repeat back everything your mom says?? Yeah. Hilarious. Can I just say that it is beyond weird to have my own kid doing all these "kid" things? Do you know what I mean? And some things never die over time apparently. He is still an amateur, though. He hollers from the backseat "Mom, say something!" To which I answer, of course, "Something." "No," he says, "say something else. I promise I won't copy you!"

I'll let you play out the rest of the scenario in your's rather predictable.

Also, have I mentioned his new obsession with "Subways"? As in, the sandwich shop. And yes, he puts an "s" on the end. It adds some East Tennessee flair, just like when folks say "The Walmarts". I got a slew of gift cards from the awesome moms in my class at Christmas time, and one of them was for Subway. So, one night for dinner I took the kids to "Subways". Oh, the wonder of choosing your very own sandwich toppings! Drew could barely believe it! He loved his sandwich (and had no idea they have a kids meal. Add it to the list of things I don't tell...) and now asks to eat at "Subways" almost every night. Last weekend he ate an entire 6 inch sub all by himself.

Emily has taken to keeping a stash of snacks all around the house. Yesterday afternoon she opened a cabinet and pulled out the slider thingy and declared "cracker!" A whole little bowl of crackers had been stashed there the day before. Self-serve snacks-awesome. She has also figured out how to stand in drawers to reach new heights. Anytime I am at my desk at the computer she opens the bottom drawer and stands in it so she can reach to type. It's very helpful. Also, there is a series of drawers on one side of the silverware drawer and the bottom one makes a great step stool to wreak havoc inside the silverware drawer. And to "help" me cook. Also known as almost catching on fire. While annoying, I'm pretty impressed with her ingenuity!

Today officially starts spring break. While we won't be hitting any beaches or doing any wild partying, we do have some pretty crazy plans that just might include a trip to Dinosaur World. Also, I've got a new obsession with figuring out how to hang a tire swing in our back yard. And some climbing rocks. I hope my vision comes to reality, because you will be very impressed. Because in my mind? Genius plan. I don't know if we've met, but if we have, you can probably predict the outcome. Something disastrous and/or mind-blowingly stupid will happen. The good news is, I'll have another story to tell...

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