Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome Spring...or...wait...

Well, I'm sorry for the silence, but I've been on SPRING BREAK! WOO! (Don't you really feel like any time you say "spring break" you have to follow it up with a woo?)

I was sort of laughing at myself for being excited about Spring Break (woo!) because I only work three days a week. I'm such a wimp. But, let me just say, when Sunday night rolled around and I wasn't packing lunches and going over lesson plans? Yesssss.

Our week did not start out as I had hoped. We did not make it to Dinosaur World. A. It was raining. B. Emily needed a trip to the pediatrician. I will say that my kids had an absolute blast playing in the Dr.'s office waiting room for a very extended period of time, so it was all the same to them. Although, Dinosaur World would have been cheaper. Em had another ear infection. Other moms? Are you sort of glad when you find out your kid is actually sick at the ped's office? I mean, I don't rejoice in the sickness of my children, but there's nothing worse than the doctor saying, "Um. You're a wacko. They're fine." Alright, fine. No doctor has ever said that but you can see it in their eyes.

Tuesday we spent the day with Aunt Katy. She and I put the finishing touches on all of our gear for Wade's party. Did I mention we were doing the party? I know I've mentioned how much we love a party. We did a "Cars" party for him and I'm pretty sure he loved it! I, of course, have exactly zero pictures of it, but Katy has bunches, so I'll get them posted. Then you can ooh and ahh and then hire us to do your child's next party.

Wednesday we loaded up and the kids and I headed to Knoxville for our REAL spring break. As you well know, any kind of trip is sort of a gamble. It can go one of two ways-total blast or complete disaster. Somehow it never lands in the middle. But, either way it will be a memory, right? It might require a glass of wine when you remember it, but you'll remember. I'm happy to report our Spring Break (woo!) 2011 trip was a complete blast. We rolled into town on Wednesday night and I have never seen cousins so happy to see each other. Thursday we took advantage of free admission day at the Oak Ridge Children's museum. Us and the rest of East Tennessee. I have not been there in many moons. It was fun to check out all the new stuff. Drew had a good time, but I learned something important about him. He likes to take his time at a museum. He was not at all happy to be rushed through the exhibits. He was also not impressed with "soooo many kids". But, all was made well when he got to eat a Happy Meal with a SUPERHERO in it. (Incidentally, the super hero was the junior version of Robin, who looked EXACTLY like Charlie Sheen. No joke. The moms were cracking up.)

On Friday we met my good friend and her boys at open gym time at a local gymnastics place. Holy moly. The big kids were in hog heaven. Drew played his guts out. And, not to be outdone, Van was a wild man in the foam pit! The car ride to and from the gym was the highlight for me. I had all three 4 year olds in my back seat. The conversation reminded me of lunch time in my preschool class. It all starts normal enough, and then always devolves to boogers and other bodily functions. And lots of cracking up. Friday night after the kids were tucked in, the sister's and I (and a couple of men folk) burned the midnight+ oil setting up for the party. We took a moment of silence for our middle school student council advisor and all the hours we spent decorating for dances. Had any one of us had to do it alone, it might have been miserable, but hanging out together was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend. It didn't hurt that I had had two Starbucks doubleshot+energy drinks that day. I think 2011 will go down as the year of the caffeine.

Saturday we took a leisurely morning and then found out about some family things that had to be done and scrambled around like wild people. But, I was bound and determined to make it to Weston's soccer game, and boy am I glad I went! He scored his first goal! I screamed like I was at the super bowl. He was just a little proud of himself. I could cry right now just thinking about it. I love that kid.

The party was a total blast and I think Wade had a great time, which is really all that mattered to me. My son spent approximately the whole party riding a power wheels Harley. In past visits, he was way too nervous to ride one. Somehow, this time, it all came together for him and he was a maniac! You should have seen him slap that sucker into reverse and correct his course. Classic. I knew when I looked up and he was sitting backwards on the handle bars saying, "Oh yeah, oh yeah" that we had crossed over some sort of confidence barrier. I probably should've been more concerned for his safety, but mostly I just felt happy for him!

After the party, I loaded up the kids and hit the road back to Nashville. Best trip back ever! Kids slept and there was no traffic. We had all day Sunday to reboot before heading back to school.

A whole extra week has passed since I started this post...niiiice! And while I was off doing whatever I was doing, winter came back. Did you hear me??? It's COLD outside. Seriously. Don't taunt me with high 70s and then in a matter of days hits the low 30s. I'm just saying. I blame myself. Never should've packed up all those sweaters...

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