Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five

Here are five random photos from my life as it currently stands. I wish I could say this will become a regular feature here at Toddle On, but we all know as soon as I announce a regular feature it will never happen again. Not to mention the ongoing struggle with actually picking up a camera and using it...

But, for this Friday, may I present:

1. Do you love these flowers as much as I do?? The punch of red is just what my dining room needed. And, the best news-they were FIVE DOLLARS at a yard sale. I cannot even describe how much I love a bargain.

2. Last week we had the best time at the nature center with some friends. We spent a lot of time playing in the creek and the two boys were such good explorers. They spotted this turtle trying so hard to hide and did not even hesitate to pick him up. After a photo op we, of course, put him gently back in his home.

3. Drew is setting the table each night. Clearly, we're on a learning curve.

4. My poor house. It's slowly falling apart. This is how I ensure that the dishwasher runs a full cycle. Nothing but class around here...

5. For the grand finale, I present to you all the junk I found when I cleaned out under my couch. I went ahead and discarded all the dirt, crumbs, and other disgusting material. You're welcome. If you can name each item in this picture, you'll win you're very own picture of Drew in his duck floaty.

Well now. That was sort of fun. Maybe I'll try it again. But, it's definitely not a thing ok??

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