Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hippity Hop

The day before Easter our neighborhood hosted the annual Easter Egg hunt. This was actually Drew's second time to attend, but Emily's first time. It was a full-on kid extravaganza complete with big bouncy contraption filled with sweaty kids. It is so fun to watch Drew in these kinds of moments these days. The little boy who clung to my leg, watching, with that look in his eye that said, "I want to, but I just can't make myself" is gone. He is replaced with a confident kid who jumps in with both feet.


I think the look on his face is hilarious. This is his first time in an official "sack" for a sack race. He came around though, and even did the hopping race twice. He didn't win the first round, but I don't even think he noticed.

Next up was some face painting fun. In case I haven't mentioned it one or twenty-six times, Drew is sort of into superheroes. He really, REALLY wanted a Spiderman painted on his face. Right. So, the face painters were some sweet teenagers from our neighborhood. Two girls and a boy. I sent him over to the maybe 13 year old boy thinking he might be a comic book fan or something...

Well. I mean, if you squint...

Finally it was time for the egg hunt. Emily's age group got to start first.

It took her just a sec to figure out exactly what she was supposed to do. But, once she figured out there was candy inside the eggs...well, yes ma'am, that changes things, doesn't it?

After the hunt the kids and I sat down and I just let them go to town. This may seem irresponsible, but really? I didn't want to tote the candy home and have the fight for days. Let's just do this in one big fell candy binge swoop. So we did. It was pretty warm and the chocolate candy was, um, quite melty. And Emily loved every minute. Every melty, chocolatey minute.

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