Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fro Yo

We made our maiden voyage to Sweet CeCe's today. Yes. I am always around 6 months behind whatever the latest craze is. And, to be honest, I have no idea what possessed me to go today, except that Drew has the voice of a 65 year old smoker right now and it hurts my throat just to listen to him. I thought a little frozen treat would help me him feel better.

I'll tell you the whole pay by weight thing kind of stresses me out. It's like eating at Luby's. You fill up your tray with all manner of cafeteria goodies (usually including jello cubes with cool whip) and then they whip the price out on ya. And also? The giant tubs they provide for the fro yo? Really? A teeny bit transparent don't you think??

The good news is they always have at least one variety of sorbet, so for Emily this is great. I wouldn't even be able to darken the door of the place if there was not a treat for her. She'd scream the building down. Although, today I did wonder what they would do if you just put some fruit and a couple of cookies in your tub. Might be worth a try.

When I started telling Drew his choices of yogurts, I could see his eyes completely glaze over. TOO.MANY.CHOICES. I don't know why this is such a hard lesson for me to learn. He needs two choices. Always. Never more than two. So, I backed it up and offered him chocolate or vanilla. This he could process. Then, I told him he could have two toppings. He chose gummy bears and cookies, because, what else?? I had to dig around in the bin-o-gummies to pick around the red and orange ones. What I did not need was a Red 40 meltdown with smoker voice. Just trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Emily enjoyed her treat very much, and naturally we had to visit the restroom. When Drew walked in he said, "Ok. This is a nice bathroom." And he would know. He is a public potty aficionado. Sweet CeCe's passed his inspection. I know they would be so proud.

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