Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Food Fight!!

Mealtime around here has become REALLY exciting.  Between the discovery (and subsequent love) of ketchup and self-feeding it's more like hands on discovery than actual eating.  There is a desire as a parent to teach your child at least a decent amount of decorum while they are at the table.  I don't think I'm making any progress.

Yesterday at lunch I left Drew and Lyla at the table "eating" while I got a few dishes done.  When I turned around-less than a minute later-Lyla had stuffed all of her grapes down her shirt!!  Next up, a plate went flying into the floor, a child (who shall remain nameless!) jumped on the Diego car, and proceeded to drive through the ketchup.  It was awesome.  As if my floor is not disgusting enough as it is.  Ketchup tracks.  Delightful.

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