Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ween, Ween, Go Away

One of the best things about hanging out with toddlers is that it can be great for your self-esteem.  Sometimes they look at you like you are the most brilliant creature they've ever encountered.  Which is not hard, considering the small pool of actual creatures they've encountered! But, it's still a great feeling to have those little faces looking at you like you're amazing.  

Today we were sitting at the table eating lunch.  It was raining outside, which put a huge damper on my main back-up plan for entertainment.  I started singing, "Rain, rain, go away..." They looked at me like I was the most amazing songwriter of all time!!  I'm almost positive they have both heard this song before-from me, I think!  But, for some reason, today, it struck a chord. (Pardon the pun)  They were so excited.  They were both laughing and saying, "More, more".  (The toddler equivalent of "encore, encore!") Then, Lyla began swaying in her seat, singing "Ween, ween, ween, ween."  It was great.

They are starting to really interact with each other more and more.  Sometimes lovingly, sometimes, not so much.  But I've been trying to get Lyla to call Drew "Cuz".  Today I was saying, "Say, 'Howdy, Cuz!'" And she started laughing and said, "Hey Cuz."  I died laughing!!
Drew was on the Diego car and started rolling towards the kitchen and she shouted, "Bye Cuz".  Well, I was done for.  I laughed so hard, and of course we said "Cuz" about a zillion more times in a row.  Despite all the madness of this week, times like that make it all worth it.  At least I can say so after a good long break tonight compliments of Dan!!

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